2017 Manchester United Shirts

My family got together recently to buy a set of 2017 Manchester United Shirts for my Brother. Yes, I am extremely Jealous at the Moment. But the good news is that I was able to take a close look at these shirts. So let me tell you what I think of them.

Old school MUFC Fan

My Brother and I have been Man United Supporters since the 80’s. The first piece of United Kit that I ever owned was a Blue Umbro Shirt. This was around the early 90’s. The Shirt was Dark Blue with Black ‘Grunge’ type of designs spread across it. So I couldn’t help but feel very nostalgic when I saw this years Blue away kit. Very similar in color scheme to my childhood kit, except for the bright red Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

The Home kit has a more subtle finish as compared to last years kit. Just some Adidas Stripes along the sides (hip area) and nothing along the shoulder and arm area. The material on both feels very soft and light. It is nothing like my older Nike MUFC Vodafone Kit. This will take some getting used to for some men. It can also be seen as perfect for those hot Summer Days

I would get one if it wasn’t so Expensive!

I Personally love them both (maybe the Blue more, but only just so slightly). But, The very high price tag is a deal breaker. The shirt is also available in a just as impressive White.

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