3 More Titles Available at Nintendo Switch Launch

Indie game makers, Tomorrow Corporation recently announced that it will make 3 of their classic games available for the New Nintendo Switch Console. The games that they are making available are World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine. The release date for these games will be around the same time the Switch console will be released, which is 3 March 2017.

New Soundtrack Mode

These games have been released previously on Nintendo consoles, but the Nintendo Switch iterations of these games will have some exclusive content. Tomorrow Corporation promises for the first time ever to bundle the full original soundtracks with the games. Players will be able to explore Kyle Gabler’s bizarre music in a special soundtrack mode. This is a sweet feature seeing that a lot of emphases is put on music when it comes to modern gaming. Tomorrow Corporation also expresses its pleasure of featuring its games on the switch because of its portable nature.

More on These Awesome Titles

World of Goo (2008)

World of Goo is a physics-based puzzle game. Your objective is to get a certain amount of Goo balls to a pipe that is supposedly an exit. You must use to goo balls to construct bridges, lifts, etc in order to reach the exit.

Little Inferno (2012)

Little Inferno is a sandbox style puzzle game. You burn objects in a fireplace in order to stay warm. Each object creates a different effect when burnt which then rewards the player with money which can be used to buy more objects.

Human Resource Machine (2015)

Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game that’s based on visual programming. You are a corporate office worker who is assigned to a few tasks, like moving objects from an inbox to an outbox. You need to complete these puzzles in order to climb the corporate ladder.

Are These Games Any Good?

These games are sweet little puzzle games that will get you by. You can play them while you wait in line somewhere. They don’t seem to be too difficult but they do have depth just like most modern day iOS and Android puzzle games. It will be awesome to see these games on a Nintendo Switch. And because of the games low demand on graphics, it will most likely not drain the Switch’s battery all too much. All of these games will be released digitally.



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