53 Million PS4 Consoles Sold – Its Time You Got One Too

Sony has sold just over 6 Million PS4 units this holiday season. That Brings their total PS4 consoles sold for the last 3 years since its launch to 53.4 Million Units! That is insane considering being in a highly competitive gaming market.

Great Console That Got Better

Sony certainly had a great 2016. They also ended off the year in a good way by launching some cool variants of its consoles. There was a Playstation VR Headset launch, as well as one for the new PS4 Pro and a new PS4 Slim console managed to get in there too. Theses released helped factor in some massive sales for the company. Sony has also stated that they have sold around 50 million games over the same holiday period. These sales figures are for both digital and retail copies. One of the more famous digital copy being Job Simulator for PS VR.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment thanked all of Sony’s fans for their support over the holiday season. This was while he issued a statement to broaden all of the companies gaming titles during the 2017 year. This is exactly what we have been waiting for and it is exactly what Sony needs to do. It is no wonder the company has managed to generate more than double the sales of the XBox One.

Playstation VR

Should You Get One Right Now?

It certainly is a good time to be gaming in the home console market right now. There are some amazing titles out now and some great, if not better titles in development. There have also been some good titles released early last year. These older titles can be purchased at a very reduced price. This makes the decision of buying a PS4 console very intoxicating given the current high prices of new release titles.

The older model console is also being sold at a reduced price. So if you are not too worried about a slim PS4 or an ultra 4K version, Then this will be a great option for you. It is possible to pick up Batman Arkham Knight and GTA5 at almost a fraction of their original price now. And at brand new!





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