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AC Sabre is an iOS MIDI Controller app (Huge Description on the Apple App Store). It can be used to control the sound from other Music apps within your iPhone and it can also remotely connect to your iPad to control apps there. And the most obvious use is to remotely control Ableton Live over a wifi connection. I recently installed this app on my iPhone 6 and its actually a lot of fun to play with. I will get more into it, but first, let’s check out this Very Cool Video of the Creator, Hari Karam Singh, in Action with The AC Sabre.

Weird, yet Delightfull

Yes, the video is also very weird and strange. But it’s probably what they were going for because the app is very weird too. It isn’t the first MIDI controller to make use of a Gyroscope and Accelerometer. But I don’t recall coming across any on the app store. I am currently using the app to control the amazing Synthmaster app by KV331 Audio. This is so far the easiest way to setup and test the app. I also used the AC Sabre to control MIDI on the Same Synthmaster app on an iPad mini (This setup was also easy).

It’s Fun to Learn

I did feel a little lost at first (I actually am still finding my way as I write this). But after messing about for a short while, I realised that there is a lot of potential to this app. Also watching a few videos did inspire me to take a more performance-based approach. I moved my phone in all directions while performing some old school Rave Moves. My finger was pressing one of the buttons on The Bloom panel. The result was surprisingly cool! I did manage to pull off some nice sounding notes that pitch bent as my hands moved up and down. The Notes changed as I moved my hands from side to side.

I installed Garageband on my iPhone 6 and recorded Synthmaster (which was being controlled by AC Sabre). I recorded Bass, Pads and Synth into Garageband and came up with a decent sounding song within a short while. AC Sabre works well with Basslines and Pads. I did struggle a bit to get a decent Lead sound (but maybe that’s just me lacking some talent!). My point is that at first view this app did look really complex and I was wary of the time I will spend on learning to use it. But I actually learnt the basics quickly (while having fun with it) and I also managed to make a short track with it. That being said, there are also endless possibilities with the app (as with most MIDI controlling software).

I See Great Potential Ahead

I haven’t as yet tested it with Ableton (my preferred DAW), But, I can already imagine the possibilities and fun one can have with The AC Sabre and The Novation Launchpad hooked up to Ableton Live. It will be a dream come true for Performance DJs like Bass Kleph or even musicians who use Ableton Live. Imagine spending those late nights in front of your PC trying to finish a track and you’ve run out of ideas. You will definitely get a few strokes of inspiration from The AC Sabre just by waving those hands around in the air. Your hand gestures  can be saved as a MIDI clip in your DAW and you can tweak the sound further with a powerful synth VST.

AC Sabre iPhone

Is The AC Sabre Worth It?

The AC Sabre app is currently $ 26.99. This is high in comparison to other iOS Music making apps like iMaschine and Lemur. It can be seen as revolutionary to Musicians who share the same musical ideals as the creator. But it can also be seen as just a very cool app for others. I personally like this app and the vision of Mr Singh. I hope that he and his team can achieve the goals that they have set for this app. Hopefully, The AC Sabre will become more popular with time and I would like to see it being used by some industry leading Music Producers.

AC Sabre
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Great app for Musicians who are serious about incorporating an iPhone into their setup. A Hefty Pricetag in a competitive marketplace might be the dealbreaker for most. Very little to complain about.

Extremely High Potential
Can be a Boost in Creativity

Works with only a limited amount of apps
High Price

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