Adidas Voyager 2.1 Review

After some deep bargain hunting online, I managed to score myself a pair of Adidas Element Voyager 2.1. They were marked down to 50% and I did also receive an extra 10% from purchasing it online. It shares a similar style to that of the Nike Roshe. I have had these for more than 8 months now and I have used them sparingly as outgoing sneakers and also in the gym. Read further to find out how I feel about them.

Update: These kicks are still going strong. I use them twice a week at work. So no major wear an tear, just time in the office. I love the comfort so much especially when I’m at my desk. I still don’t recommend using these as running shoes. It is perfect for casual everyday wear.

What’s in the Box?

Packaged in a really skinny looking box, The Adidas Element Voyager 2.1 actually looks smaller than it did online. In the box, there were the sneakers, laces and an extra sole. The sole can be inserted into the shoe for extra comfort. It’s good if you are going to use them to run and will help with sore heels after runs. The sneakers are really light. It’s totally expected because all it is made up of is a thick foam sole and a grey ‘denim’ type of material.

Adidas Element Voyager 2.1

Initially, I got these to use for my trips to the mall and other outings. I wasn’t initially fond of its Nike Roshe styling, but I have really taken a liking to them. They look good when I wear them with Shorts, Chinos and Skinny Jeans. I prefer Adidas’ offering in this styling to that of Nike’s Roshe (which is a bit too common). Once, I have worn them to a mall on a day in which I took more than 10000 steps and my feet were not too sore at the end of the day. I have also received good compliments from both women and men and so far everything seems good.

Not Much Wrong here

The only complaint I have so far is that there isn’t as much circulation in my feet as I expected for a running shoe. My feet felt really hot and suffocated on hot days during use. And this was just from using them to walk. I eventually also started using them at the gym. I like to walk at the end of my workout to cool down. Sometimes I run for 20min. These sneakers sure did a good job and were perfect on the treadmill. My feet were a little sore afterwards, but only for a short while.

Adidas Element Voyager 2.1

I certainly do recommend these kicks. The styling is new and fresh. They are lightweight and durable. They are labelled as Adidas ‘Performance’ shoes. But I don’t recommend them to use for long distance outdoor running. In my opinion, they are ideal ‘walking’ shoes.

Adidas Element Voyager 2.1 Review
  • Adidas Element Voyager 2.1


A light, stylish, running shoe made by one of the top running brands in the world. It works well in the Gym on a treadmill and is ‘OK’ on the street. Not for long distance outdoor running, but more suited as a walking shoe. Air circulation is not too good, especially on hot days.

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