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My current go-to headphones are my Taxi Yellow AKG Y40 headphones. They are small, compact, great looking, and great sounding headphones. They feature a sound that is in keeping with the signature sound that you would expect from AKG. You will also be able to take calls if you are listening to music on your smartphone. Although these headphones may not be for some people. And they are not as critically acclaimed as their bigger siblings, the Y50 and the Y60’s. But they have won a few awards and they are my current favourites set of cans. Read on and I will tell you why…

Hey Good Looking

The AKG Y40 headphones are seriously good looking. Headphones this size are usually made very cheaply with not much pride. But AKG has insisted on delivering their quality standard on these headphones. The materials are mostly hard plastic. The band being a matte finish while other parts have a gloss finish. The headband adjustment is stainless steel and has a number system for your convenience. The numbers on the stainless steel part aren’t necessary, but I do like the attention to detail. Nice Touch!


The ear pads are soft and comfortable and feel good. It’s probably not premium quality but it still feels and looks like good quality ear pads. There is also a small bit of padding on the inner side of the band. This is to give you some comfort and protection from the hard plastic band. The Taxi Yellow edition is a bright yellow that blends beautifully with the black padding and the black outer side of the earpieces. This is also where you will find the silver AKG logo. And just above that is the Y40 logo.

Insanely Ergonomic

These headphones are extremely small and compact. They are smaller than the usual size on ear headphones which also makes them much lighter. Placing them on your head feels very comfortable. Removing them from your head and leaving them wrapped around your neck is also comfortable. Because of the small earpieces, you won’t have the same issues that you would have with large earpiece headphones. The main issue being the ability to turn your head from side to side. You can easily maneuver your head when wearing these.

The Y40 has a 3D foldable design. This lets you fold the earpieces inwards and rotate them about 90 degrees. In this form the headphones are really tiny and might even fit in some pockets! But there’s no need for that with the elegant carry pouch that comes with it. The detachable cable is of good quality and has a built-in microphone so you can take calls. There are 3 buttons on the cable that allow you to answer calls and control the volume on your smartphone (volume control only works on Android Smartphones). The detachable cable, however, has the standard 3mm jack on one end and a 2mm jack on the other end which fits into the headphones. This makes it difficult for those who need to replace this cable which is not too easy to find.


Sound Quality and Comfort

Probably the 2 biggest factors when purchasing headphones. And these 2 factors, although shine in the AKG Y40’s, they are flawed. The sound is great considering the size of these cans. The bass is deep and punchy. The mids are warm. And the highs are crisp. I have owned a few pairs of AKG headphones and the sound here is very much in keeping with the companies signature sound. That sound is a sound that is serious, yet a bit playful with a slightly exciting low end.


You do get a taste of that great sound quality here, but just a taste. It will be hard to go from a great sounding Sennheiser or Beats headphones to these. Tweaking the EQ in iTunes will help you achieve a good sound which means that there is potential here. But overall they are great for listening to music from music apps on your iPhone or iPad. The noise isolation is fair given that these are a miniature set of on-ear headphones.


Because of the soft padding on the earpieces, the AKG 40 headphones are very comfortable. But the earpieces are small and sit on your ear. So this means that song listening will get uncomfortable. I usually notice that its OK to listen for an hour, but going past that will start to become uncomfortable. The padding on the top of the band is sufficient but can also after long usage becomes a bit uncomfortable if not set correctly on your head.


I certainly recommend this product to anyone who’s into headphones. They Perfect for travelling and Great for home listening too. My only concern is the price. These are supposed to be entry level headphones, but they do go for a premium price. There are brands like Skullcandy that offer higher end products at a similar if not lower price. That being said these are still great headphones. If you can get them on sale for a really good price like i did, then you should go for them.

  • AKG Y40


An awesome looking and sounding headphones that’s very portable. It is also to an extent very comfortable.

Great Quality
Good Sound


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