AKG Y40 – Still Going Strong

AKG Y40 are compact on-ear headphones. They may seem small in size, but these headphones do have a sweet sound signature. A type of sound that I personally appreciate. That is one of the reasons why I still use my AKG Y40 headphones almost two years on. Its also partly why they are so popular and why AKG still sells them until today.

Let’s take a look at these headphones and decide if it is still a decent choice today.

AKG Y40 – Still Going Strong

Ok, the design of the Y40’s may not be to everyone’s liking. Personally, when I see on-ear headphones like these, I just get that super cheap plastic headphone vibe. I actually had one of these uber cheap tiny headphones that I had purchased to use at my DJ gigs while my Sennheiser DJ headphones were in for repairs.

The sound was terrible and they looked crap. But from a design point of view, they were really portable and felt nice when they were set around my neck. This means a lot for a DJ. You want comfort around your neck (when you not listening) and portability. These are some of the positive traits of the AKG Y40 on-ear headphones.

On-Ear is the main word here. The compact and portable size means you will have to sacrifice on both sound and comfort. You are not going to get extended hours of comfort with on-ear headphones. As the name suggests, the ear cups sit on your ear. The headphones also have a firm grip on your head so that there will be little audio leakage. It also helps from a sound point of view and with noise cancellation. Unfortunately, these factors may give you good sound quality, but it will also give you sore ears after extended usage.

AKG did a fair job at sticking to a rather decent amount of quality on these headphones. This quality translates to a rather good sound and reasonable comfort. I did mention that long usage will lead to discomfort. But the material on the earcups are surprisingly soft and have a decent degree of comfort to them. Short moments of music listening is good. But binge-watching your favourite TV show on a laptop will be a problem.

Should You Get an AKG Y40 Today?

If you like taking your headphones everywhere with you like I do, then yes. The Y40’s are very portable and offer great sound quality. Not the best sound in the market, but very good considering the size. If you are someone who is looking for headphones for extended hours of usage while at home, then you should seek a larger, more comfortable set. Something similar to the Skullcandy Grind headphones I reviewed recently.

The other big aspect to deal with is the price. Upon launch, the Y40’s were pricey. But over the years they have seemed to decrease considerably. So it is possible to pick up these high-quality headphones at a good price.

Please do skip these headphones if you plan to use them with a modern iPhone, like an iPhone X. Firstly they are wired, so you will need a lighting dongle to play them. Secondly, the volume controls won’t work. Volume controls are specific to Android devices only.

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