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The AKG Y50 headphones are mid-range on-ear headphones. I have covered the impressive AKG Y40 headphones in another review. The big brother Y50 is a sweet upgrade from the Y40 in terms of sound and comfort. Let’s take a look at what makes this set of headphones so great, here, in my AKG Y50 Review.

The AKG Y50 headphones have been out for some time now. They still remain a great industry standard in regards to portable headphones. They are also considered to be budget headphones in most countries. The Y50’s are also direct competitors to Beats Solo headphones (Solo 2). Both headphones have the similar build quality and great sound.

AKG Y50 Review

AKG has moved away slightly from their traditional styling and sound with their Y series of headphones. In the past, AKG were producing headphones that were suited more for professionals. A direct competitor to Sennheiser, AKG headphones of the past had studio quality sound on a budget, This made them favourites among DJs.

The AKG Y50 is a sweet evolution of the AKG headphones of old. An evolution that has taken the companies products to the mainstream public. In doing so AKG has gone with a much bolder design and sweeter sound signature. All in the hopes of competing with mainstream giants such as Beats and Sony.

It has been a few years since the release of the Y50’s. So have they toppled over the Beats empire? Well no. But, That is a whole other story for another day. The fact that these still go on sale after all these years shows how good they are. And the quality that you will get for the price is outstanding and even “beats” the competition by a mile (Beats Solo 2 is around 3 times more in price).


The AKG Y50 expands further in the sound department while maintaining a similar sound signature to its baby brother, the Y40’s. It is a more commercial sound that has an emphasis on the low end. The low-end bass is sweet, deep, and powerful. Much fuller and powerful than the Y40. But not too overpowering. I love how AKG has tuned these headphones. They have maintained their professional signature sound in the mids and highs while adding some oomph to the low-end bass side.

Headphone manufacturers usually increase the bass and treble on their headphones to reproduce a superior sound that is fat and clear. But this leads to distortion at higher levels and an uneven sound. Audio purists love a flat sound with minimal improvements in order to replicate the mixing soundstage of a track as best as possible. AKG has done a decent job with the Y50 in this regard while adding some bass for easy listening.

I don’t think it is a good idea to use these headphones for professional audio mixing and music production. But you can get away with using it to DJ. It has a reasonably powerful sound that may work in a loud club environment.


The Y50 has a modern AKG signature design. It has a slim headband that has a single curved attachment on each earcup. This design allows you to rotate, move, and close the earcup. These movements aid in comfort and portability. These headphones are a decent size which makes it great for home and travel use. You can wear them to run and then easily fold them away into your gym bag.

The slim design continues with the included cable. The slim cable has an in-line remote with volume and play/pause controls. You will be able to skip tracks too with a double click of the play button. Triple-click to move back a track. All of which work exclusively on Android Smartphones. With iOS it’s only the play button that will work. You can also use this button to answer phone calls.

The Flashy Yellow and Blue designs may not be for most people. Even the glossy black with the large AKG logo is not subtle at all. But AKG was looking at making a statement with these headphones and unfortunately is what it is. Some may prefer the simple, clean design on the Y40 headphone over this.

Should you get the AKG Y50?

AKG managed to produce a good quality headphone that retails at an affordable price. You get high-quality materials and sound in a surprisingly compact body. AKG have perfected this type of compact headphone and it clearly shows here in the Y50.

You can compare this headphone to the much more expensive Beats Solo 2. The Solo 2 is better in regards to quality. The sound on the Solo 2 is also very impressive for that size headphones. But it does not warrant its price. You can go for a rich sounding Y50 at a fraction of the price of the Beats.

These headphones are also available in wireless. They are called the AKG Y50BT and retail for about $150. Much more than the wired version but expected. Still a good deal when compared to the latest Beats Solo Wireless.

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Excellent Quality for the Price. The AKG Y50’s have still managed to stand the test of time. Mostly suited for Android smartphones with a headphone jack. Apple iPhone users may not like the wired controls which are not supported.

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