Alpine CDE-164BT Single Din Review

The Alpine CDE-164BT is a premium single din head unit. It is loaded with probably the best technology and features that you can come to expect from a car stereo at this price range. This model is part of Alpine’s “TuneIt” range which is a perfect companion for the TuneIt smartphone App. This particular model caught my eye because of its premium design, Alpine heritage, and big price tag! But I must confess, I have been a huge fan of Alpine products for decades now. So I hope I’m not too biased in my review.

Alpine, Since 1967

Yeah, these guys have been at it since the 60’s. And they started the company by specializing only in car audio. And that is what they still do today. They manufacture head units as well as navigation systems. Alpine also produce amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. They may seem like a very small and exclusive brand, but most of they business come from being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for some of the biggest car makers on the planet. Some of the companies that Alpine has produced Audio and Navigation Systems for are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Aston Martin and Land Rover.

After looking at that list you can see that its only premium luxury companies that make use of Alpine products and services. This is why Alpine releases products of the highest quality (and also the highest price). You can certainly expect similar quality and features in the CDE-164BT single din head unit. Alpine has also released a double din version of this stereo. It is known as the Alpine CDE-W265BT double din unit and it has the same features as the Alpine CDE-164BT. Alpine has kept up to date with the latest features when designing the CDE-164BT head unit.

Key Features:-

  • RGB Muli-Color Illuminated Display
  • Bluetooth (mic included)
  • CD, USB and AUX input
  • Smart Phone Control
  • Siri integration with Eyes Free mode
  • 50W x 4 Soundmeister amplifier
  • iriusXM Satellite Radio input available

You can use the bluetooth feature to stream your music as well as take calls. Talking to someone without keeping your phone close to you is possible with the included mic. The Alpine CDE-164BT also has support for Siri and an Android alternative. Pandora intergration is possible on iOS devices when using a cable to connect your iPhone to the unit using its USB port. Android users can stream Pandora Wirelessly. The 50W x 4 Soundmeister amplifier has an improved IC chip that gives the unit a much improved sound quality and dynamic range over previous models.

Sweet Display

The Alpine CDE-164BT has a Muli-Color Illuminated screen. You can simply change the color of the screen and buttons to suit the interior of your car. Or just to suit your personal preference. You can choose color presets and make the buttons and display different colors. Its very cool finding a combination that looks the best. You can also go deeper and use the RGB selecter to find a custom color that suits your needs. The display and the menus are amazing. It is not as chunky and messy as most single din head units are these days. Navigating the menu is a good experience.

TuneIt App

Alpine’s TuneIt app gives you further control on the sound that pushes out of the stereo. Theres 2 modes, a simple preset mode and a manual tuning mode. You can make use of the presets to quickly adjust the EQ. You can go further by making use of a simple 3 band EQ or a 9 Band Parametric EQ.

Alpine CDE-164BT

Should You Get One?

The Alpine CDE-164BT is as good as it gets. You consider this unit or a Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X799 if you are looking for the best single din head unit. I love this unit and I will more than gladly install one into my vehicle. But in a highly competitive, yet slow market, this unit is very expensive. I only mentioned some of the features in this review. You will find an almost endless list of features on Alpine’s website. But that still doesnt really justify the high price tag, even if it is an Alpine product.

That being said, there are great deals available online for the CDE-164BT. I would want to say that I will probably find the unit much more enticing at a lower price point. But I did review the Pioneer DEH-X6900BT recently and that affordable single din unit has just as much features and power as the Alpine CDE-164BT. So if you are all about making a statement, then go for the Alpine. If you are just looking for a reasonably priced stereo with all the modern day features, then its Pioneer for sure.

Alpine CDE-164BT
  • Alpine CDE-164BT


An Elegant Unit with Premium Looks and Features. You won’t go wrong with this single din head unit. But expect to pay much more than you would pay for a Pioneer or JVC variant.

Premium Look
Full Feature set
Display can be set to 3 colors

Tuneit app feels Underdeveloped
Interface and Display not Ergonomic

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