Altos Odyssey is Finally Coming Out This Month

I recently got news that there will be a sequel to one of my favourite iOS games. Altos Adventure is a game that I have spent hours playing on my iPhone. Be it at home or work, the calm suttle gameplay is perfectly complemented by the games wonderful visuals. Altos Odyssey is the name of the sequel to Altos Adventure and it is coming out on iOS later this month.

Altos Odyssey is Finally Coming Out This Month

Altos Odyssey looks just as breathtaking as the first game. In fact, it looks way more colourful. It seems as if there are some themed locations present in this game. It also looks like you can expect the same amazing gameplay that we have come to love. There’s this part where alto lands into a large water puddle or lake and just pops back into the air! That is definitely new.

Apart from SkyForce Reloaded, Altos Adventure has always found its way onto my smartphone and tablet. Unlike SkyForce, Altos Adventure is a blissful, relaxed game that is actually soothing to play. Yes, it can get frustrating at times trying to progress through the levels and unlock new characters. But that is just part of the fun.

I cant Believe I have been playing this game for years and I still haven’t yet done a review! check back here soon for a full review of the first game, Altos Adventure.

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