Andre The Giant Trailer #2

The second Andre The Giant Trailer just dropped. It gives us more insight as to what the documentary will look like. There also more guest featured in this trailer. Guests that include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and Vince McMahon. The HBO documentary will air on April 10 this year.

Andre The Giant Trailer #2

Andre The Giant (André René Roussimoff) was a pro wrestler who originated from France. He is best known for his involvement in the WWE (called WWF in the 80’s). Andre The Giant was one of the opposing wrestlers in the WWE back when Hulk Hogan was champ. During this time he did manage to win a WWE singles and Tag Team championship belt.

About a year ago, HBO and Bill Simmons announced that they will be working on a documentary on the gentle giant’s life. The WWE is also involved in the making of the documentary.

The documentary plans on highlighting both the wrestler’s career as well as his personal life. Andre was electric in the ring and at times unstoppable. But his personal life was overshadowed by people who made fun of him and treated him like a freak, instead of an athlete or human being.

Andre the Giant will air on 10 April on HBO.

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