Android Go is Here To Save Your Cheap Smartphones

While all attention is diverted towards the unveiling of the latest Samsung S9 smartphone, Google in the meantime launched a new product of their own. The product is called Android Oreo Go Edition. In short, Android Go is a lighter version of Android based on the latest 8.0 Oreo version.

Let’s take a look at this intriguing operating system and what it has on offered to consumers.

Android Go is Here To Save Your Cheap Smartphones

Samsung’s S9 flagship is aimed at the high-end market with its latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo. It is currently one of the latest, most advanced mobile operating systems on the planet. The software is driven by the S9’s Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB of RAM. The operating system alone takes up a minimum of 6 to 8GB of storage space, sometimes more with additional features and bloatware.

But this is all fine on the latest Samsung smartphone with its powerful internals and 64GB of storage. But what about smaller, cheaper smartphones on the lower end of the spectrum? Smartphones that cost around $100 and below? Most of these devices come with 8GB of storage which is about just enough for the Oreo OS. Enter Android Go!

Android Go!

Android Go is a stripped down version of Android Oreo. The OS is meant to run on cheaper smartphones with limited RAM and Storage. It is also meant to consider data usage by limiting the amount of data the OS and its standard apps consume. This is aimed towards countries with low, but expensive data plans.

So with Android Go, you can expect:-

  • The Android OS to take up less space
  • The Android OS to run better on smartphones with 1GB of RAM or less
  • Smaller pre-installed apps such as YouTube and Maps

The Android Go OS will only take up 3GB of data space. This is great news for smartphones that come with a minimum of 8GB memory. You will also receive the usual Google apps such as YouTube and Maps. But these apps are now stripped down Go versions of their originals.

Lightweight Apps

YouTube Go for instance is a simple app that pays little attention to graphics and effects. Instead, it just feeds you the information you need. If you tap on a Video, you will be requested to choose the quality and filesize of the video you wish to stream or download. This assists greatly in data size consumption.

Another included app that assists in the data management department is the highly impressive Files Go app. The app automatically finds duplicate and unused files and apps and suggests that you remove them to clear up storage.

Other Go apps available are Google Go and Gmail Go. Not that much of differences when compared to the original apps, but they do have an emphasis on memory and data savings. Other good news is that these apps are also available for all Android smartphones. So if you have a decent Android smartphone and you want to take advantage of this processor and data saving capabilities, then you can go right ahead and download these apps from the play store.

Android Go Smartphones

Android Go will launch on 6 new smartphones:-

  • Nokia 1
  • Alcatel 1X
  • ZTE Tempo Go
  • General Mobile 8 Go
  • Micromax Bharat Go
  • Lava Z50

Performance should still differ between these smartphones. And performance will also not differ too much from older, cheap Android smartphones. But the difference is that the older cheap smartphones have a terrible lifespan in terms of software and become slow and redundant too quickly. I know people who own low-end Samsung smartphones that come with so little storage which is taken up mostly by the operating system. There is literally in space for Facebook and a few other apps.

Hopefully, this isn’t the fate of Android Go smartphones. It would be great if there is some longevity to the software and devices.

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