Android P is Out Now!

It’s not even a year since Google released their latest version of their operating system, Android 8 Oreo. Today is the day that you can instal the latest developer preview of the next version of Android, Android P. The OS is so new that it is currently meant only for app developers. If you are into installing beta versions of Android onto your daily driver smartphone, then think first before you jump into this one.

Also, No one really knows what the P will stand for this year. My guess is Popcicle?

Android P is Out Now!

Google has stated that the latest Android P is simply an early build that is meant for developers only. A big, yet bizarre new feature available for developers is the built-in support for a notch at the top. This feature is probably due to the recent unveiling of a range of Android devices with a notch on top at MWC. Whether we like it or not, we are going to see a major insurgence of near bezel-fewer smartphones in 2018.

Android P seems to also bring changes to the top notification panel which seems to have rounded edges now. You will also be able to open up a recent conversation inside a messaging app notification. I use the notification bar a lot to reply to messages quickly. But when I am busy, I actually forget the context of the previous messages that I had sent. So the availability of around 3 or so previous messages can do wonders.

More Notable Changes

  • Multi-Camera API – The Ability for an app to access more than one camera at a time
  • Improved Autofill
  • Changes to Power Efficiency
  • Restricting access to Mic, Camera, and other sensors when an app is in idle mode
  • The clock moved to the left for notch smartphones
  • Colourful settings menu
  • Minimal quick settings pull-down design
  • Screenshot added to power menu
  • Volume slider can move over to the right-hand side of the screen

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