Apple HomePod and Homekit

One of the biggest features to take note of in regards to the Apple HomePod is its Siri integration. So far Siri is giving tech reviewers a mixed bag of emotions. Some are even saying that Siri is far from smart. But the one thing that Apple might just be getting right at the moment is the Apple HomePod and Homekit.

I found a great video below that demonstrates the uses of the Apple HomePod and Homekit. As a bonus and as part of the review we also get to see the HomePod work against other voice assistant services such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Apple HomePod and Homekit

The above video is a review of the Apple HomePod. The review is by Armando Ferreira, a popular Tech Revier and Influencer. Please do hit the like button for this video and also subscribe to his channel for more Apple and Android news.

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Yes, the Thumbnail looks very scary and cringe. But it just expresses Armando’s frustrations that he has undergone now in regards to setting up the Apple Homepod. Even after his initial setup, he still struggles in a major way to play his favourite songs on iTunes. When he instructs Siri to play ‘Sorry for Partyrocking’, he got an alternate version instead of the original version.

Very strange indeed and is probably the case of some sort of copyright issues on certain content on iTunes.

The video also has the most positive demonstration of using the Apple HomePod and Homekit. Armando shows us that Siri is very capable when it comes to controlling lighting using Homekit. And she executes Armando’s requests very quickly an efficiently. In contrast, the Google home and Amazon Echo take much longer. This is clearly a win for the Apple HomePod and Homekit. A small one indeed.

But it is also demonstrated that the Google Assistant can answer some questions more intelligently and efficiently. When asked how heavy is the HomePod, Google Assistant answers with the exact weight in pounds. But Siri on the actual HomePod cant answer this question. Instead, she refers you to the Apple Website!

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