Apple HomePod – There is Hope for Spotify!

Apple is set to release the HomePod on the 9th of Feb. The smart speaker has received a lot of attention from the press in the last few days. But for all the wrong reasons. Mainly because of its extremely limited features. But after initial reports stated that there would be no way of streaming popular music service Spotify on the Apple HomePod, there might actually be a way.

Apple HomePod Review

Tech Influencer Jonathan Morrison has done one of the most spectacular reviews on a smart speaker to date. The production value in his Youtube uploads is incredible. Hit a like on his video if you appreciate it as much as I did. Also please do subscribe to his channel for more updates on the HomePod. He plans to test the HomePod against its rival Google Home Max speaker.

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One of the big features to take note of in the video is that Jonathan actually manages to stream Spotify from his iPhone X to the Apple HomePod speaker. This can be done using Airplay. If you swipe up your notification tray (swipe down on iPhone X), you will see a tile with playback options. If you tap on the icon in the corner of the playback tile, you will be given the option to select the HomePod.

When you select the Apple Homepod as the output device, audio from your iPhone will be able to play out of the HomePod. Regardless of the app. This way you will be able to then stream music from Spotify to your Apple HomePod using AirPlay. Siri will also respond to minimal functions such as ‘next track’.

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