Apple’s 2018 iPad is Looking Good!

Apple announced their latest 2018 iPad at an event that was held in Chicago earlier this week. It is a very familiar looking entry level iPad that we have come to know. It is the 6th Generation 2018 iPad that has a few decent upgrades. The good news is that Apple has decided to maintain the 2018 iPad’s price point to $329 for 32GB of storage. The same as last year.

2018 iPad Features and Design

This years iPad is very similar to last years in terms of design and build quality. It will be able to fit the same iPad case as the 2017 model. This is about the only great news because last years iPad does have a few distinct flaws. In order to maintain a low price point, Apple somewhat intentionally created its budget iPad with some minor annoyances.

It is slightly heavier and thicker than the iPad Pro models. The screen of the iPad is nowhere as good as the Pro model screens. The actual screen kind of protrudes away from the side bezels. This leaves a huge noticeable gap between the glass and the screen. So noticeable that you can even spot it in videos. A very weird choice indeed and to my knowledge not a cost saving choice too. There is also no support for Apple’s TrueTone display, like on the iPad Pro.

The other coating of the iPad seems to be a very plastic one. It’s nowhere near the quality of the iPad Pro. But the one big similarity this year 2018 iPad has on the Pro is the Apple Pencil. The new iPad has support for the pencil, as well as an updated A10 chip. There is also support for 1080p video recording from its outdated 8MP camera. A camera similar to the one that was on the iPhone 5s.

Should You Get a 2018 iPad

This years iPad does have a great processor on board with support for the Apple Pencil. There’s also further support for an App level. The iPad along with the Pencil will be supported by apps such as Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. There is also new apps and software that will be focused on learning. This is a big deal for Apple, as they wish to get as many iPads into classrooms as possible. There will also be support for Augmented Reality apps that work with the Pencil.

Apple has turned their budget iPad into a very enticing package. All you need is a keyboard and the apple pencil and it will be able to compete with a Surface Pro at a fraction of the cost. Even with the addition of an expensive Apple Pencil. It would have been really great if the Apple Keyboard was compatible with this 2018 iPad as well.

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