Asus X540S Notebook Review

Asus X540S Notebook













  • Great Looks, Slim and Light
  • Good Keyboard
  • Good Screen
  • Minimal Bloatware


  • Low on RAM and minimal options to upgrade
  • Entry Level Hardware
  • PC is too slow and cant multitask

I made the decision to purchase an entry-level laptop around mid-2016. The laptop of choice was the Asus X540S Notebook. It is an absolutely stunning laptop with a marvellous colour scheme. This would be a perfect device for me to use to write and publish blog posts and basic music management and editing. That is definitely not the case here with this laptop!

Asus X540S Notebook

The Asus X540S Notebook is the most basic laptop manufactured by the Taiwanese company. It is cheaper than cheap and is always at a special bargain price. This is mostly due to its budget, entry-level internals. Aesthetically, the Asus X540S Notebook is gorgeous. It feels premium and has a really good, satisfying keyboard.


Asus X540S Notebook Review

The Asus X540S Notebook has an Intel Dual Core Celeron N3050 Processor with 2GB of RAM. You will have sufficient memory and screen real estate with its 500GB hard disk space and 15.6 inches LED screen. The Intel N3050 processor handles Windows 10 64Bit reasonably well. But the lack of RAM makes this machine very frustrating to work on.

Just researching articles on a Firefox browser and typing into MS Word can turn out to be an absolute nightmare. The laptop cannot handle the demands of the browser, internet, and Word at the same time. What is the use of having such a lovely, satisfying keyboard when you struggle to simply type on MS Word?


Windows 10 home is the operating system of choice. It is superb and probably the best computer software out at the moment. The apps are a welcome improvement on Windows 8 and work well in 10. But as mentioned earlier, the Asus X540S Notebook is very underpowered and struggles with simple tasks.

I kept the installation of 3rd party software to a minimum. I have tried music software such as Ableton Live and Traktor on the laptop. They both work fine when running alone offline. It’s only when you start multitasking while online when you run into serious lag. Especially with Ableton. You will be able to DJ with this laptop using Traktor and maybe Serato. But analyzing songs do take a while.

Look and Feel

Asus X540S Notebook Review

My Asus X540S Notebook has received many compliments from friends and family. Many have expressed their liking to the colour combination which is a choc brown lid with the gold brushed aluminium interior (around the keyboard). The keyboard is neatly laid out (island keys) and is satisfyingly clicky and responsive.

The 15.6 inch LED screen has an anti-glare matt finish and is a joy to look at all day. I haven’t had many issues with streaming movies on the laptop and to a big screen TV via the HDMI output.


Whatever your reason may be for purchasing this basic laptop, please decide to pass when it comes to the Asus X540S Notebook. It is very underpowered and seriously struggles with tasks. I actually deactivated a lot of settings like effects and gestures and stopped background services from running, and I still had issues with performance. I tried upgrading the RAM and it wasn’t possible to do so. The warranty would have been void and there is only one slot for RAM.

Also, don’t go on looks. The Asus X540S Notebook is a slim and beautiful laptop that comes in a combination of a few different colours. It really is a looker, but it is sadly underpowered. The Good news is that this particular style of a laptop is available in i3, i5, and i7 variants. An i5 in this with extra RAM will be perfect.

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Asus X540S Notebook Review
  • 6.7/10
    Asus X540S Notebook Review - 6.7/10


The elegantly Beautiful exterior is seriously let down by its agonisingly slow computing system.
I can’t really recommend to anyone because even checking emails online can at times turn out to be a tedious task.
I do, however, recommend the same series laptop with a higher level processor like an i3 or i5.

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