Asus X540S Review – Please Avoid This Stunning Laptop

I did an Asus X540S Review some time ago. Ever since then I have come across many laptops and tablets. In this article, I plan to re-visit my Asus laptop and give it one last look. In doing so I hope to also make it clear the actual abilities of this laptop. And to also understand the purpose of this Asus laptop.

Asus X540S Review

Taiwanese tech giants, Asus, are known for manufacturing high-quality laptops. They do have a hand in smartphones as well. A very small share in smartphones with a few Zenfone models. They recently produced a new iPhone X clone called the Zenfone 5. This is such an impressive smartphone that it is actually not worth calling a clone. Asus also manufactures other products such as smartwatches too.

Asus Zenfone 5
Image Credit – Asus

But this magnificent company is most known for its impressive laptops. Asus laptops have slick and clean designs. A huge contrast to the normal boring business laptop design that we are so used to seeing. I have yet to see a crappy looking Asus laptop.

From experience, Asus laptops are also not too heavy on the bloatware. In other words, the included Windows software does not have that much of additional software from the manufacturer. This bloatware is counterproductive in that it meant to add productivity to your life but instead brings about more distress than anything. Distress in the form of terribly made software that buggy and always updating or running in the background.

Asus realises that their strength is in hardware so they would rather just stick to that.

Asus X540S Notebook Review

Asus X540S Design

I would like to start off with the positives. And the design of the Asus X540S review laptop is superb! It is in keeping with the vision of Asus. A very sleek and futuristic design indeed. The model that I have looks so unique. The interior of my laptop is Gold. The material is of a brush metal design. The exterior lid is a dark chocolate brown. This laptop is a huge advance from the boring work laptops that keep flooding our stores.

The Choc Brown and Gold combo alone is such a magnificent choice for a laptop. The screen, unfortunately, is a gloss screen and not a matte finish screen. I prefer Matt because the gloss is all shiny and can be annoying at times because you tend to see yourself on the screen a lot. After some time this is not too bad.

There are also ample ports available on this laptop. Two USB ports, a USB Type C port, SD Card, and headphone jack. I’m not a fan of just two USB ports because my wireless mouse takes up one port. Then I am just left with one more for multiple items. I had to buy a USB hub just to be able to continue my usual daily activities.

Asus Laptops
Asus has always been known for its great looks – Image Credit – Pexels


Ah yes, Performance on the Asus X540S laptop. Unfortunately Gents, we have arrived at the Archilies Heel of this laptop. The pure reason Not to buy this laptop is its terrible performance. The X540S has a beautifully designed shell and also features great quality speakers. But all of this is let down in a major way by its performance.

The Asus X540S features an entry-level Intel Celeron N3050 Dual Core processor (CPU Benchmark score of 883)and just 2GB of RAM. Windows 10 actually requires 4GB of RAM to function smoothly. It would have been great if the RAM was easily upgradeable but it is not because of its single port making it a pricey upgrade.

I really found myself struggling to accomplish simple tasks such as editing MS Word documents. Even jumping onto the internet quickly was an issue. I really got so fed up with this laptop that I moved my entire setup to my iPad which I would use to edit docs and browse the net.

I had to either develop an increasing amount of patience or find another use for this laptop. So, I started my quest to find a purpose for this huge paperweight. I did load Music Software such as Ableton Live 9 and Traktor 2. Simple edits in Ableton are possible. You can even successfully mix a few sound elements in a project with no problem. I was also able to DJ with Traktor on the Asus X540S review laptop. But analysing tracks took way long and this messed up my set a few times. This is because the current track was almost done playing while the new track was still analysing.

All of this is possible during offline mode. When I am on a network, things slow down drastically. Even Streaming YouTube and other movies are difficult. I wanted to make this laptop a media player to play movies on Netflix, But even Windows 10 apps struggled. I did try to play Asphalt Airborne 8, which did work a bit, but soon gave up.


I wanted to keep this laptop for my son. You know, to learn his computer skills on. But he will either learn to lose his mind or learn how to break a laptop into a million pieces! The good news is that you can get this great looking laptop in i3 and i5 variants with more RAM. This will hugely impact on the performance and will make the laptop function way better. The software side is pretty solid and even with its glacial speeds, the X540S did not crash as much as I thought it would.

Please pass if you do come across this exact same spec. But please do consider if you come across one with an i5 processor and at least 4GB RAM.

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