Avengers Infinity War Villains

With the release of Avengers Infinity War approaching, there isn’t that much of plot available. Marvel has done a great job of keeping the details of the movie a secret. One of the biggest secrets is at the moment is the Avengers Infinity War Villains. Thanos is certainly not alone in his fight to destroy the Avengers, the best of Earth’s offering. There has to be some sort of backup for Thanos.

Marvel recently released some Avengers Infinity War Artwork that showcases Thanos alongside the Black Order and the Outriders.

Avengers Infinity War Villains

Avengers Infinity Way Villains
Disney Marvel

In the Artwork above, we get to see what Thanos team of villains looks like. They are known as the Black Order and they are made up of the following evil characters:-

  • General Corvus Glade – Unkillable Leader of Thanos Armies. (Middle Right)
  • Ebony Maw – A mysterious manipulator and strategist. The extent of power is unknown. (Top Left)
  • Proxima Midnight – Deadliest Warrior of Thanos army (Middle Centre)
  • Cull Obsidian – Another Evil Warrior Dwarf of Thanos Army (Right)
  • Outriders – Multi-Armed Evil henchmen, Assasins, Army of Thanos (Lower Left)

This artwork was just randomly released by Marvel. But it doesn’t feel too out of the blue. It seems as if Marvel will release another trailer soon as we approach the release of the movie. Avengers Infinity War is set to be released on the 27th of April. This new release date came about after Tony Stark asked Marvel for an earlier date.

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