Awesome Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Released with Logan

I recently witnessed probably the best Marvel X-Men movie ever made. That movie was Logan. I couldn’t bring myself to leave the theater, it was so good. I did, however, remember that there’s usually a post credit scene in these movies. But unfortunately, there was nothing after the Logan movie because it is the end of an era of storytelling. But all is not lost for there is something just as wonderful from the same franchise. An awesome Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer which is being played before Logan.

Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

Everyone seems to be very pleased with this cool extended teaser from Ryan Reynolds. It pokes fun at Superman with Deadpool trying to quickly change into his costume in a phone booth. (Spoilers) He doesn’t, however, make it to save that innocent old man from being mugged and killed. But instead shamelessly lies down on the poor guy’s dead body as he prepares to eat his ice cream! Cool little cameo from Stan Lee (nice suit!) in there as well. There are a few easter eggs there such as Nathan Summers (Cable) name on the phone booth and the Dick Donner Superman theme song.

Very strange and dark attempt at humour I must say. But it is absolutely what Reynolds and his crew are looking for. There were rumours of Deadpool making a cameo in Logan, but it would have messed up the entire tone of that movie. This teaser comes from almost a year ahead of the movie’s release date. Deadpool 2 will include new characters such as Domino and Cable which are still in the casting process.

DEADPOOL 2 Official Teaser Trailer #2 and #3

An update to the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer came in a very weird form recently. Mr Pool takes on the role of an Art teacher in a promotional video. The cringe is very strong in this one!

Another Trailer and Teaser Poster was also released now in the first week of Feb 2018.

I have included more info on the latest trailer in a new post here – Deadpool 2 Cable Trailer


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