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Hot Wheels Race Off









  • Good Gameplay
  • Great Graphics


  • Can become difficult at times
Update 09.02.2017 – My Son and I have managed to Unlock the Creature set of levels. The stages are insane and offer some really challenging obstacles. We both are still loving this game. And we are still trying our best to unlock all the cars. The game also seamlessly syncs with other devices and OS if you are online and logged into your facebook account. I also play on my Android based Remix OS. This option lets me play on a large computer screen with keyboard support. Very Cool!

Hi, My name is Jameel. And I am an Addict. Addicted to Hot Wheels Race Off that is! A clever physics-based racer with good graphics and addictive (like the title implies) gameplay. What started off as being a cool juvenile sort of game download for my 5-year-old son actually turned out to be a fun game that I ended up enjoying too. I usually hog the iPad for other important reasons. But now its unlocking cars and tracks that seem to be the main priority. Read on and I’ll tell you why.


The main premise of this game is to complete a track in record time. You do have an opponent next to you, but depending on your current aim (collect coins for an upgrade or finishing the stage quickly) he doesn’t really matter. In most cases, they pit you against a more superior opponent in any case which makes it difficult to beat him. It’s ok because you get to preview a cool car that you are trying to unlock. Oh and speaking about difficult, Hot Wheels Race Off is not an easy game. It’s challenging courses sit perfectly in the middle of being annoyingly difficult to complete and almost passable.

Hot Wheels Race Off

What I mean by saying this is that when you do reach a difficult stage and you are about to give up because your car is not upgraded enough, you can still have fun racing previous stages to earn coins to upgrade. You can now upgrade your car after collecting enough coins and then beat that impossible stage! Although this strategy seems very similar to most mobile gaming strategies, Hot Wheels Race Off is a far more fun and enjoyable experience that other similar and monotonous games.

Graphics and Gameplay

You control an official Hot Wheels car on and official orange Hot Wheels track! The cars look familiar and seem to be from Hot Wheels vast catalog of crazy designed cars. That orange track also feels very familiar and so do those boosters and ramps. The tracks and its components also do seem to be taking from Hot Wheels catalog of awesome race tracks.  The 3-D rendering and graphics of the cars and tracks are superb and although they are not realistic, it’s not extremely cartoony as well.

The Gameplay is similar to other physics-based racers like those Hill Climb Racing games. Hot Wheels Race Off is made by the guys who gave us MMX Hill Climb. You control your car over a series of obstacles in order to reach the finish line. You will need to hurry things up and not spend too much time at a particular spot on the track because you will run out of fuel. As you move along you will collect fuel that will allow you to continue further and coins that will allow you to purchase future upgrades

Hot Wheels Race OffHot Wheels Race OffHot Wheels Race Off

Because of the games physics-based engine, accelerating and braking can cause your car to flip forward and backward. Constant acceleration can possibly flip your car and you can land on the roof. If this happens and the little ball at the end of the aerial attached to the top of the car touches the floor (or anything), your car will explode. Braking too hard can also cause your car to flip. You can, however, use this to your advantage and perform awesome flips while you slingshot your car into the air!

Levels and Cars


  1. Offroad – 10 levels 1 – 10
  2. Alternative – 10 levels 11 – 20
  3. Muscle – 10 levels 21 – 30 (This is when things start to get really hard)
  4. Creature – 10 levels 31 -40


  1. Offroad – Rip Rod, Dawgzilla, Dune it up, Mountain Mauler, Baja Bone Shaker
  2. Alternative – Cruise Bruiser, HW Poppa Wheelie, Spectyte, RD02, Dragon Blaster
  3. Muscle – Night Shifter, Bullet Proof, Muscle Speeder, D-Muscle, Rodger Dodger
  4. Creature – Scorpedo, Growler, Ratical Racer, Street Creeper, Shark Bite

Hot Wheels Race Off

Online Play

Online play on this type of game is a good concept. This game has incredible potential to have the same presence of online play as other great games like 8 ball pool. But it does fall way short of that. I also didn’t notice any coins available in online play. Being able to collect coins online would be a great way to reward a player for continuing to play online. personally, I would rather play offline and collect more coins for upgrades.

What do We Think of the Game?

My son told me “I  just can’t stop playing this game because I loves it so much!”

We as in my son and I. He loves it because he has been a fan of Hot Wheels since he was born. We both like having fun with his Hot Wheels cars and tracks. Playing this game with him and helping him pass stages is a lot of fun. It feels just as good as playing with him and his actual hot wheels cars. My son told me “I  just can’t stop playing this game because I loves it so much!”

I love the game too and I now play it on the iPad and my iPhone and it looks great on both devices. I recommend you get this game if you are into physics-based racers. It is in no real way similar to other mobile racing games, like Asphalt Airborne. But its sweet gameplay and delightful graphics make it a wonderful experience.

Hot Wheels Race Off
  • 8.6/10
    Hot Wheels Race Off - 8.6/10


A cute yet challenging game. The familiar Hot Wheels brand makes it the perfect game for younger boys (and their dads!)

Good Gameplay
Great Graphics

Can become difficult at times

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