Bezels on Smartphones in 2018

2017 was a groundbreaking year for smartphones. This was partly due to top manufacturers introducing high-quality processors and software into their smartphones. But the most defining feature that got everyone talking about last year was designed. Slim Bezel design. Bezels on Smartphones in 2018 hasn’t changed too much, yet. But it is still a major talking point at the moment.

Bezels on Smartphones in 2018

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Leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple slimmed down the bezels of their smartphones to allow for larger displays. The side bezels were already slim. So there were only slight improvements like Samsung S8‘s infinity display. This curves the front glass over the edges of the smartphone into the side frame.

But things do start to get tricky when you begin to eliminate the top and bottom bezels. These areas are usually home to some important hardware. The bottom bezel (chin) section usually has a home button and/or fingerprint sensor. The top bezel is known for housing the front facing camera, proximity sensor, and earpiece.

Samsung chose to slim their bezels just enough to be able to keep all of the hardware that they need at the top. On the S8 and S9, Samsung chose to move the fingerprint sensor from the bottom to the rear. Even though they did not get rid of the bottom bezel entirely.

But Apple, on the other hand, took a different stance on this approach. They removed the fingerprint sensor completely on the iPhone X. The front of an iPhone X is almost completely displayed except for a small notch at the top with houses all the cameras, sensors, and earpiece. This is a bizarre display and it was not accepted as much as the Galaxy S8’s tall infinity display was accepted in 2017.

But Bezels on Smartphones in 2018 is shifting heavily towards the iPhone X design. We are seeing an enormous rise in smartphones that feature a notch at the top. Is this the new future of smartphone design?

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