Bright Should Have Been Called Bad Boys 3

Bright is an Urban, Cop Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Social Commentary Movie about two cops who team up to take on the streets of Los Angeles. Will Smith is an LAPD cop who is accompanied by his orc partner, Joel Edgerton during a chaotic day on the job. Yes, you heard right when I said orc. This version of LA is inhabited by humans, orcs, elves, and dragons.

Bright is a very enjoyable movie with great acting which is supported by awesome action sequences and effects. But as I mentioned earlier, the movie has so many different elements. It is at times hard to figure out what Bright is supposed to be. Maybe Bad Boys 3?

Netflix Bright Movie Review – Mild Spoilers

The main reason that I compare Bright to the Bad Boys is that Will Smith does bring out the Mike Lowrey, Bad Boys character a lot. There are epic standoff moments in which we see this amazing persona that only Will Smith can portray. Its as if he has kept Mike Lowrey bottled in all these years and finally brought him out to play.

Joel Edgerton ain’t no Martin Lawrence. But he is very lovable as the orc cop who tries his best to make a name for himself. This is near impossible because Edgerton’s character officer Jakoby is undermined and hated by both the humans and orcs. Humans don’t want an orc for a cop and the orcs disowned Jakoby because he joined the police force.

This interspecies segregation (or whatever you would want to call it) is one of the weird tones of this movie. The premise is that two cops, Ward (played by Smith) and Jakoby stumble upon a crime scene which is full of dead cult members. One of them is a young female elf, Tikka, who possess a magical wand. This wand has the power to bring global destruction to humankind by summoning the Dark Lord.

Another elf, Leilah, seeks this wand as she plans to bring upon the Dark Lord. So its the elf Tikka along with two cops, Ward and Jakoby who are on the run trying to keep the wand save. The wand has an insane amount of power which is why everyone is trying to get their hands on it. Elfs, cops, gangs, and orcs have an interest in the wand. This leads to nonstop action sequences of the trio with the wand on the run escaping gangsters and elves.

The Tone of Bright – Spoilers

Bright has elements of a racial cop drama similar to Training Day. Plenty of this is evident in the conflicting relationship between Ward and Jakoby. There’s a lot of social commentary at play in this movie. Humans, orcs, and elves all share a different social status. elves are high-class rich members of society. While humans are middle and orcs are lower. The movie stuck to this and did not hint of say a rich upstanding orc or a low-class elf.

The cop drama and social commentary vibe are both sprinkled over with some middle earth style fantasy. These three elements all have a story arc which doesn’t really go anywhere. Ward and Jakoby’s relationship progresses throughout the movie, but just barely. The social commentary is a deep subject that is touched upon mostly from the orcs perspective. And the fantasy part is also not properly concluded, who is the Dark Lord?

The movie is probably written this way because they are most likely planning a sequel. But, not concluding all of your story elements leaves for an empty movie which accomplishes nothing. This is sad because the stars of the movie go through so much of endless violence and peril.

Should You Watch Bright?

It is a weird movie that is made up of some weird elements. There are Pixies and African American thugs. Mexican gangsters fighting for an elfish wand. Orc thugs and gang bangers. Very weird indeed. You may either hate this concept or applaud the Netflix for having the guts to go with this movie!

I went to the second part because it fascinates me that this outrages concept of a movie actually kept me entertained right till the end. I have, however, discussed Netflix Bright movie with two other people. One hated it and the other loved it. Reviews of the movie are also mixed, but leaning towards negative.

Netflix however, has maintained that the movie has done considerably well on their platform. There is most certainly going to be a sequel in the works. This means that there is an interest in this genre of film. I will definitely be there for the sequel.

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    Bright - 7/10


A fun movie that is filled with insane action sequences and visuals. The movie at times takes itself too seriously and expects its audience not too. You will enjoy Bright if you just let a movie take you along for the ride.

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