Casio F91W Watch Review

I got this Casio F91W Digital watch, which is so reminiscent of the 90s. Seeing that 90s fashion has made a bit of a comeback, I thought this would be a good idea. From my personal experience, 4 out of 5 of your lady friends will think you’re a Dork! But the one that will like it is the one for you!

I’m Back Baby! (But I was never gone)

I liked how Casio decided to bring back this watch to the public because of the current trends. But upon recent research, I realised that Casio never stopped production of this model since its inception way back in 1991. Wikipedia also states that “It is popular for its simplicity, reliability and unpretentious, clean design”, which is exactly what you get from this basic watch.

The thin, rubber, wristband feels very comfortable. The watch sits well on my skinny wrists. It may look a little weird on thicker arms. I recently spent a morning outside in the cold for a few hours and had to dress up in a few layers of jackets. I initially wore a watch with a huge face. This watch actually hurt my wrist so much because of the pressure from the multiple jackets I was wearing. My wrist was so sore and turned red. All this within 5 minutes. I replaced that watch with my trusty Casio and there was absolutely no discomfort at all.

Key Features
  • Light Switch for Visibility in dark conditions
  • Water Resistant for 30m
  • Alarm & Stopwatch

Casio F91W Box

Should you get one?

If you are a Nerdy dude with a funky fashion sense like me, then I think you should. You do get them in silver or gold metal. But the price difference is about 3 times more. I have owned my Casio for more than 2 years now and I use it daily with absolutely no fuss at all. I have yet to change the batteries. Oh, and it comes in a really cool container!

  • 7/10
    Casio F91W Watch - 7/10


A lightweight, durable, affordable and versatile watch. Aimed mostly for everyday usage. Its very basic and retro look is currently back in style.

Simple, Minimal Design
Good Build & Quality
Light Switch for Visibility in Dark Conditions

Subjective Styling
Not many Cons

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