Doogee Mix 4 Concept – The Future is Here!

The Doogee Mix 4 is a new smartphone that is currently in the works. The Mix 4 will improve drastically on its near bezel-less line by accomplishing an almost no bezel front screen. The approximate ratio on the screen is roughly 97% screen. So when you hold the Doogee phone up to you, you will experience next to no bezels and all screen.

But all smartphones need some sort of bezels or notch out front right? We need this in order to place the front speaker, camera, and sensors. What Doogee have done is that they have created a kind of 2 part sandwich design. The front being the screen and the rear being a sliding mechanism. The rear will slide up partly to reveal all the sensors as discussed earlier. The front display will most likely have an in screen fingerprint scanner.

Mrwhostheboss broke this news over on his Youtube channel. It’s news that is currently shaking up things in the smartphone world. You can have a look at the video below.

Doogee Mix 4 Concept

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Sliding phones have been around for a while. They were very popular back in the day when Samsung was ruling the market with their D900 mobile phones. Incorporating the design into a modern-day smartphone to allow for a pure fullscreen experience.

Doogee also plans to add some high-end features such as in screening print scanner and a rumoured Snapdragon Processor. All of this will be available at an impressive price of $300. There is a Doogee website up that features the Doogee Mix 4. But it doesn’t seem fully legit.

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