Everything You Need to Know about the New Beauty and the Beast Adaptation

Disney has gone back into their intellectual property vault and managed to find an idea for their latest live action adaptation. This time it’s the timeless classic Beauty and the Beast. The movie will star Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. You can expect voicework from an ensemble cast for your favorite talking cutlery.

Beauty and the Beast Trailer

We get to see the return of some beloved characters in this final trailer. We also get a better feel for the story which is very identical to the Animated Movie from the 90’s. When I first saw the teaser trailer, it felt as if this version of Beauty and the Beast will have a different spin. Something similar to what they did with Maleficent which was a brilliant idea. That being said, this remake looks amazing and will probably influence the current generation of kids just as much as the Animated Movie did back in 1991.

The casting of this movie is excellent. Emma Watson plays the role of Belle so naturally. And Luke Evans is perfect as Gaston. I can’t really say much about the other lead Dan Stevens who is fully suited up as Beast. He will need to bring a lot of emotion to his character in order to pull it off. The Beast character does seem to make use of some heavy CGI. It is however well executed. I like the movement of his body and clothes which at first is more in tune with the movements of a wild animal. He eventually behaves more elegantly and human as the trailer progresses (this is one of the main plots of the movie, Spoiler!).

The setpieces are delightful. It is exactly what we have come to expect from a big budget Disney fairytale movie. As mentioned earlier, the CGI is fantastic. Some effects and sequences look hyper-realistic. I immediately recognized the voice of Gandalf (Ian McKellen) who is playing Cogsworth. The director of Beauty and the Beast is Bill Condon. He directed the last 2 Twilight Movies (Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2). Both movies are excellent, not just visually, but from a story perspective as well. He is definitely well suited to direct this movie (he has worked with beasts before!). We are certainly in for a visual and musical treat!

Beauty and the Beast

Premise and Short History

A young lady named Belle offers herself in exchange for her father Maurice, who is taken prisoner by a creature known only as Beast. Belle manages to live under terrible conditions and finds solitude in the castle’s enchanted workers. She also looks pasts Beast’s exterior to find a kind human inside. An Admirer named Gaston hears of Belle being held prisoner and embarks on a mission to rescue her.

This live-action iteration of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale is based heavily on the 1991 animated movie (Look below for a visual comparison). The 1991 movie was a major success at the time and has also been well received critically. Disney was really on a roll at the time as they were seeing much success in fairytale animated movies like The Little Mermaid (1989) and The Lion King (1994). Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson performed the theme song (end credits version) for Beauty and the Beast (which would also be adapted for the current film version by Ariana Grande and John Legend). The Original story of Beauty and the Beast was published back in 1740. The story was written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.

Comparison to 1991’s Animated Version

When I first watched the final trailer for Beauty and the Beast, I couldn’t help but feel that this was all too familiar. But then again they just probably borrowing a few elements from the animated version. So it’s just natural to have that familiar feeling. But few is a serious understatement. It almost seems like the New movie has been adapted panel by panel. They probably used the animated movie as the storyboard for the new movie!

This isn’t necessary a Bad thing. The story is timeless and has been adapted in so many ways in modern times and to great success in most cases. There has been modern movies and series based on a similar premise. The animated version has been released over and over to much success over the past few decades in many different formats. The animated story has never died down and the demand for this story has always been present.

Beauty and the Beast Theme – Ariana Grande, John Legend

The original Beauty and the Beast theme was composed by Alan Menken and performed by Angela Landsbury. It won multiple awards (Oscars, Grammys) and would later be covered by Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson who made a Pop version that did well on the Billboard charts. The latest song is not anything new or exciting in my opinion. It is a simple cover with straightforward drums and sounds. Perhaps we will get a Trap Remix later on…?


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