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The Fitbit Flex has been one of the most successful fitness trackers on the market since its release. It’s release being about 2 years ago. Although a huge favorite among enthusiasts, its versatility and most of all styling is now very outdated. With so many of Fitbit’s competing brands releasing fantastic products, its about time they updated their bestselling fitness tracker. So Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Fitbit Flex 2.

Update: The Flex 2 has stood the test of time and is still considered to be one of the most popular trackers (without a display) on the market at the moment. This is most likely due to some of Fitbit’s major competitors selling up thier companies. The Flex 2 is also just 1 out of 2 Waterproof Trackers that the company currently manufacturers. Because the current trend is leaning towards trackers with displays, The Flex 2 has seen some considerable drops in pricing.


Some of the Flex 2’s highlighted features are:-

  • Much slimmer that the original
  • Removable tracker and replaceable bands, bangles, and pendants
  • Swim-proof
  • Call and text notifications
  • Reminders to move

Our most iconic tracker now more customizable than ever

Flex 2

What’s new

Swim Proof has to be the biggest feature for me. I love swimming, but I, unfortunately, can’t track my time swimming with my Fitbit Flex or Blaze. Being able to swim with the Flex 2 while tracking your workout is a sure and welcome addition. The upgraded wristband and pendant and styles are also a great change from the old clunky girlish themed plastic wristbands of the old flex. There is now also Call and Text notification and the glowingly popular Reminder to Move function.

Final thoughts

I do own a Flex and I love it for its durability and convenience. My blaze feels delicate and I prefer not to use it when working out and sleeping. But the Flex is so simple and lacks a lot of features that the competitors now have. It certainly has lost some ground in the market of fitness trackers. The Flex 2 looks like Fitbit’s answer to gaining ground. In fact, it seems like they will pass the competition with this one!

The much-needed style upgrade and swimming function is a true winner. The Misfit flash has had the waterproof and pendant and styling a while back and Jawbone has very slim and stylish trackers. The Flex 2 looks to blow these guys away, and with an app that’s growing in popularity, it’s going to be difficult to catch up with Fitbit.


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