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The new Garmin Vivo Move is out now at all your favourite sport stores and online shopping websites. There has been plenty of hype built up for this device since it was first announced some time around May this year. Upon initial release of Press Pics and Price, I was very excited for this Product. Having seen it up close and in person this past weekend, I am still very impressed.

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Sweet Analogue

The Garmin Vivo Move has gone the way of the Withings Activate Activity Tracking Timepiece. Which is a proper watch that can track your steps and sleep. That seems to be about as much as the Vivo Move can do. The only other additional feature is the ‘Move Bar’ that increases when you are stationary. The battery can be changed like an ordinary watch and is said to last for a year.

The watch gorgeous (even good looking as a normal watch) and isn’t as big as i taught it would be. The size is perfect for my skinny wrist. I have so far only seen 2 variants. The Sport and The Classic. My pick would be the Black Classic watch which I completely fell in love with. I just can’t justify the price difference between the Sport and Classic (Black).

Garmin Vivo Move

It does Compete with the Jawbone Up2, In a way…

According to the review on, the app isn’t as good as the Jawbone up app (which I currently use). It does look very Rugged, yet Elegant. You will look stylish while wearing it to the Gym or to a Wedding. But I can’t really see myself living with this watch. I have a Jawbone Up2 and it only comes off when I shower. I don’t know if I will be comfortable with sleeping, working, playing and exercising with it on.

All that being said, the Garmin Vivo Move is a Stylish Analogue Watch with similar functionality to a Jawbone Up 2. I am very interested in getting one, even with all the complaints I initially have. But the price is a bit of a factor. The Sport will cost about twice of what I paid for my Jawbone (I bought the Up2 model before the price increase). My choice would be the Classic Black which is priced slightly higher than an Up3 (which has more features). I will def consider this once my Up2 is at the end of its life.



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