The Good, The Bad and The Best Gaming Smartphone. The Razer Phone

We sure did get some great smartphones in the last year. I recently compiled a list of my Top 5 Smartphones for 2017, a list that was very hard to narrow down to just 5 devices. Unfortunately, there was one device that wasn’t on the list but did get an honorable mention. This is because, in a world of smartphones that are trying to get smaller with better cameras, we have the Razer Phone that got bigger and is simply The Best Gaming Smartphone out there.

I’m going to take a look at some of the Razer Phones best and worst features. It has some super premium features that make you want to just rush out and buy the phone. But it also has some serious deal breakers too. Read on as I investigate this wonderful smartphone.

The Good, The Bad and The Best Gaming Smartphone. The Razer Phone

Razer is a company that manufactures gaming peripherals and accessories. They started off with their own brand of mid to high-end mice as well as keyboards. Razer also found success in its line of gaming headsets. They are known for making sub-premium quality products at very competitive prices.

Razer has since started manufacturing their own brand of gaming laptops. Most of which have been well received by its users. The companies most recent projects are collaborations with other brands and mobile gaming. One collaboration that Razer did was with Pewdiepie. Their latest Razer Kraken headset comes in a Red and Black Pewds skin. As for the mobile gaming, Razer built what is considered the best gaming smartphone we have seen yet.

As far as specs are concerned, The Razer Phone is rocking Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor and a massive 8GB of LDDR4 RAM. This power and that amazing 120Hz LCD screen make the Razer Phone the best gaming smartphone for Android mobile gaming.

The Best Gaming Smartphone for Android Gaming

The Razer Phone
If you are a gamer and a Fan of Razer, then you will love this phone

Razer recently acquired a startup company called Nextbit, who is known for producing a smartphone called the Nextbit Robin. The Nextbit Robin was a cute little Android smartphone that was well received by tech enthusiasts. Unlike most phones with their rounded off edges the Robin had square edges and made holding the smartphone feel very different from the usually rounded phones we have now come accustomed to.

The Razer Phone is a genuine update for the Robin. It’s actually a perfect amalgamation of the two companies. Its design borrows heavily from the Robin. A much-welcomed design at that, even if we are not used to the squared off edges. Another detachment from the norm is the humungous bezels at both the top and bottom of the phone. This may not be to everyone’s liking, but, within there you will find the loudest front-facing speakers ever housed within a smartphone.

Razer did, however, follow the No Headphone Jack bandwagon. This is to make room for the massive 4000mAh battery. Another welcomed addition seeing that you will be using this smartphone a lot for gaming. Razor does include a USB Type C adaptor that has a DAC amp built in. You will notice the difference in sound here when you connect the Razer Phone to a high-end compatible set of headphones.

I have spoken to users on Twitter who say that the latest update has improved camera quality. But the Razer Phone still struggles in low light conditions

High-Performance Display

The Razor Phone is currently the only smartphone on the market at the moment with a 120Hz IPS display. What this means is that you are getting buttery smooth transitions when scrolling through apps and while gaming. This display is very similar to the displays on the latest Apple iPad Pro tablets. It looks and feels like a freak of nature. Unlike anything you will ever see or experience. This effect while simply swiping around the menus and apps looks so strange yet amazing at the same time. This is something that you won’t be able to catch or pick up in a video you will have to see it in person.

It’s great that Razor has passed down this sweet tech that it has already adopted in its line of laptops. This 120Hz screen actually translates into a 120fps while gaming. Some of the higher tier Android games that support this high a refresh rate will blow your mind away. It’s also great to know that the phone automatically switches to a lower refresh rate when you are using certain apps that don’t require it. This is in order to save battery life.

I am really glad to see this kind of a screen on a smartphone. As mentioned earlier. Apple has done this before with their iPad Pro and we were hoping to see a similar display on the iPhone X, which never came.

Is the Razer Phone the Perfect Gaming Smartphone?

These are some of the features that make the Razer Phone the best gaming smartphone on the market right now:-

  • Great Display – 120Hz
  • Best speakers in the game
  • Large Battery
  • Premium Design

And there are some big drawbacks, Like the camera. It is really bad. Everyone who has tested the Razer Phone has loved it. But they all absolutely hate the camera. For a sub $700 phone, what you get is a camera that might not even be as good as the Honor 7X. Most tech enthusiasts feel that this is a major dealbreaker for them.

Hopefully, this will be fixed with an update in the near future. For now, The Razer Phone will simply remain the best gaming smartphone. With the crappiest camera of course!

Camera Update: I have spoken to users on Twitter who say that the latest update has improved camera quality. But the Razer Phone still struggles in low light conditions. It still isnt as good as the other flasgships on the market. Nonetheless the Razer Phone is an outstanding first effort from Razer and i cant wait to see where the company takes us next year.

Razer Phone Review with MKBHD

Heres a comprehensive video review on the Razor Phone. It is one of the best reviews out there done by popular tech vlogger Marques Brownlee. I always enjoy all of Marques videos and his opinions on smartphones are always spot on. Please do like this vid as well as subscribe to his channel.

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