Heres a Better Version of Stick Cricket : Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League









  • Addictive Gameplay
  • True to the Game of Cricket
  • Looks Awesome


  • Signing up Players Are Very Expensive and Seem an Impossible Task
  • The Game Drains Battery Fast

I remember installing the original Stick Cricket mobile game on my Samsung S3 back in the day. It was the first game that I installed on my new phone. Being a fan of the game of cricket, I really had a lot of fun playing that game. It is an ultimately satisfying arcade game in which you try to hit as many sixes as possible in 5 overs. The gameplay is great and surprisingly accurate. Because of its popularity, Stick Cricket has spawned many sequels and versions. The latest of which is Stick Cricket Super League. A game that I am loving a lot at the moment.

Update: Stick Cricket Super League is still available from the App Store and Play Store. The game sill seems to be going strong and has developed a decent amount of followers. But not as many as the original Stick Cricket and Premier League HD games. It seems as if Super League is becoming a title that is for the more die hard Stick Cricket fans

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is a mobile game available for iOS and Android devices. You create a stick version of yourself and captain a team of your choice. There are 70 provisional world teams to choose from. You start off in the lower leagues with the aim of moving up to the big leagues. This is achieved by winning matches and championships.

The game was released in the middle of 2016 and has since received really good reviews on the App Store. I immediately installed this game after discovering it on the App Store. I must say that so far I am really enjoying this game. Rarely do I install games on my iPad. I mostly use that iPad for productivity, reading, and music. But I went ahead and installed just to see what the latest version of this game looks like on a retina screen.

Graphics and Gameplay

It really does look good. The themes are very colorful. The effects like the fireworks when you hit a six is a real delight. The sounds add to the almost Carnival type of atmosphere. The detail on the players has improved much from previous versions of this game. A big part of this game is the ability to change your appearance. The options are limited but are sufficient enough to make your stick person resemble you. I seriously binged on this game and have spent many hours playing and charging my iPad. It is a new iPad Mini with retina display. But this game drains the battery very fast. Especially if you decide to play your own music in the background (this works very well) while playing the game.

Stick Cricket Super League
Very Colorful and Exciting Graphics and Gameplay

The gameplay is identical to even the very first Stick Cricket games. You just go out there and smash as many sixes as you can in 10 overs. You can manage your batting lineup in order to customize your strategy. Bowling is automatic. You just manually select which bowler to use next and then watch as he either takes wickets or gets smashed for six. Throwing in your best bowlers right away isn’t always the best idea. I usually leave my star bowlers for the 5th over just to try and take wickets and slow down the run rate.

How good is Stick Cricket Super League

I am impressed by this bowling strategy portion of the game. Choosing the right bowlers at the right time does feel legit and true to the game of cricket. Fast bowlers can be replaced with spin bowlers who are usually not that easy to score off. Batting is a skill that you will have to get used to. Being able to score many sixes without getting out is having the ability to choose the right direction and timing when hitting the ball.

Progressing up the ranks is not too hard. I actually found this enjoyable. It’s a real treat to win matches and a real bummer to lose! My biggest gripe is in the upgrading of players. You need some serious cash in order to upgrade players abilities. It’s going to cost me 5000000 in credits to upgrade my bowling coach to level 4. It’s going to take some time because the earnings from matches are really low. You can make extra money by achieving other goals set by the club owner or bookmaker. The reward is still low in relation to the 5Mil needed to upgrade my bowling attack. But this issue is evident in all freemium games.

A great game still nonetheless. A game that is made for the fans of the sport. I don’t see people from countries that are not fond of cricket playing this game. Well its their loss!


Stick Cricket Super League
That’s Me!!
Stick Cricket Super League
  • 8.5/10
    Stick Cricket Super League - 8.5/10


I lovely game ideally suited for fans of Cricket. It is in total contrast to other cricket games which are usually played at a very slow pace.

Addictive Gameplay
True to the Game of Cricket
Looks Awesome

Signing up Players Are Very Expensive and Seem an Impossible Task
The Game Drains Battery Fast

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