How To Customize Your Android Home Screen

Android OS has the capability of being deeply customized. The OS has some great level of customizable options. You can further undergo some deep customization options with the use of 3rd party apps and launchers. In this article, I will go through some steps on how to customize your Android home screen.

My aim is to just point you in the direction of the right apps to use in order to get to the next level of customization. I currently use several icon packs, widgets, and a launcher to achieve my desired home screen.

How To Customize Your Android Home Screen

How To Customize Your Android Homescreen

My Current Screen is a clean an minimal design with some hints of colour. I have stuck with this theme for some time now coz it has all the specific information that I need. Everything, including my apps, are all in one place. I don’t have to swipe to move to the next screen to view more apps and features.

The colour dots on the sides of the Pokemon Go app are actually folders that contain my favourite apps. Nova Launcher allows you to change your folder icon to any available icons on your smartphone. The best way to get icons is to download icon packs. I’m using CandyCon icons for my folders.

Heres a list of apps that you will need in order to get a similar look to my home screen:-

Nova Launcher

My Launcher of choice is the ever popular Nova Launcher. I like Nova because of its layout, features, and customisation options. Even the free version has a good amount of features. The Google search button and date at the top is a standard setting from Nova. Tap on the date and it opens a default calendar app of your choice and the customizable grey Google button launches Google Now Cards and Search.

Another popular launcher that I recommend is the Evie Launcher. It has a very iOS feel to it and also supports gestures for quick access to search functions as well apps.


The wallpaper that I am using is my go-to wallpaper app called Walli. Its a well-curated graphic artist created mobile wallpaper app. Great for originally animated wallpapers.

Icon Packs

I keep a few icon packs namely Whicons, Moonrise and CandyCons. Nova Launcher allows you to change the icon of each individual app. You can say use a CandyCon for Facebook and a Moonrise icon for Instagram. The bottom row of white icons is my priority apps which are themed on the Whicon icon pack.

BlackPlayer EX

The music player just under the Google search button is a BlackPlayer widget. I like having quick access to this widget because I can easily start and stop music playback. I can also quickly skip to the next track here. BlackPlayer is a great Android app. There is a free version. But the EX paid version is actually very cheap and worth it because of all those in-depth features. If you into podcasts, then Castbox is definitely worth taking a look at. It also has a widget similar to the BlackPlayer widget.


KWGT is a Kustom Widget Maker app that is absolutely brilliant in regards to getting deeper customisation on your widgets. I use these widgets to display the weather, battery %, and time on my home screen. The weather and Battery percentage’s size and the font are exactly how I want it to be. I can edit this as well as colour and shape and more.

There is a bit of a learning curve here, but once you get into it, it is such a pleasure to create your own custom home screen widget. One of the quickest ways to learn is to download add-on presets and custom widget packs. I’m using the Huk KWGT add-on here for the time that is placed in the middle of the Red Circle.

So at the moment, this is one of the basic ways on how to customize your Android home screen. You can take what you have learnt here and apply it to your home screen in many different ways. You can also get creative and place icons in strategic places like in the tweet below.

Please post your questions in the comments section below if you need more help or info in regards to further customisation options

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