Huawei Honor 7X Is a Bombshell at $199

In this amazing year of smartphones, manufacturers have pushed some impressive devices now in the last quarter of the year. Some of the most notable being the Google Pixel 2 and the iPhone X. Oneplus re-released an already great 2017 device last month, a device called the Oneplus 5T which is making major headlines as a device with immense value for money. A “Flagship Killer”. Well, Huawei just dropped a new device under its “Honor” line called the Honor 7X. This budget device is actually making headlines in a world filled with devices that cost 4 times more!

Update: The Honor 7X will be available in a Limited Edition Red on the 14th of Feb 2018. Scroll to the bottom for more info.

Huawei recently had a snazzy international unveiling of its Honor 7X device in London. This type of event along with its marketing campaign is not what you would expect for a smartphone at this price. But Huawei is really pushing this device out to the masses and so far it looks like a really good deal. If it is bang for the buck that you are looking for, then the Honor 7X at a price of $199 may just be the right place to start.

The Honor 7X Is Here!

Honor 7X

The honor 7X has a Full HD display that is just short of 6 inches. This may seem like a phablet size phone, but Huawei has managed to fit that large 18:9 aspect ratio screen into a rather compact body. The phone is rather slim, even with its large size 3340mAh battery. The Honor 7X does borrow its design ques a little from previous Apple devices. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The iPhone 7 with its premium aluminum design is stunning yet rugged as compared to its current glass form.

Huawei Honor 7x Metal Build
Honor 7X

So, a smartphone that looks like an iPhone, but has a near bezeless 18:9 screen with a fingerprint reader on the back. The best part is the price. At $199, it’s very hard to look past the Honor 7X. The only downside of this device would be its Micro-USB charging port. With such a primitive way of charging, you will probably spend around 2 hours a day plugged in.

Should you get one?

Honor 7X Specs
Honor 7X Specs

If you are in the US, You will pay less than most territories for this device. It has a decent Octa Core Kirin 659 processor that would do the job. Its rear dual cameras seem to be very impressive and should handle your daily photographic needs. But upon reading a few reviews I did discover that the camera isn’t the Honor 7X’s strong suit. This is more or less the norm for devices in this price range. Just look at the LG Q6 with its weak camera.

The Honor 7x in Red

Honor Global dropped a bomb at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. A Red Bomb that is, with a special edition Red that will be released on Valentines Day. There will be only 20000 units available globally and will sell out fast due to its low price and demand. Huawei have paid a lot of attention to detail here by using different shades of red for the camera rings and anthenas. This gives these parts of the phone an Accented look.

A simple color addition to a smartphones lineup may not seem like such a big deal. But in this world of smartphone hype it certainly is. Just look at the amount of excitement surrounding the launch of the OnePlus 5T in White.




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