I Just Traded In My iPad Mini 2 for a 2018 iPad

I took the leap from my old iPad Mini 2 to a brand new 2018 6th Gen iPad. This is my first crack at a larger 10 inch iPad. I have been a staunch iPad Mini supporter since its inception. But things have certainly changed in this week because my opinion on the latest iPad is very positive. I couldn’t have made a better decision in life so far this year.

Bye Bye Old Friend

My iPad Mini 2 was awesome. I loved it in every way. On paper, it was slightly different than the original iPad Mini which I still have today. But these mild differences in the hardware of an already gorgeous looking device makes a world of difference.

My original iPad Mini is stuck on iOS 9.3.5 and is losing support for apps. It isn’t that relevant today because of more than half the stuff on the App Store just won’t work. This isn’t the case for the Mini 2. The extra power from the iPad Air A7 chip meant that it packed some decent power within its small and impressive package.

This power is still sufficient to run most apps as well as the latest version of iOS 11. But you could feel the lag settling in now when you multitask or switch between apps. A frustrating experience if you are using the iPad Mini for productivity as I do. I do all of my research and most of my work on an iPad because I love the ease of using apps as well as the battery life.

2018 iPad 6th Generation in da House!

At this present Moment, You can go to an iStore and buy either a 2017 iPad or a 2018 iPad. The differences between these 2 devices are extremely minimal and I will cover them shortly in a future post. Which one you get is entirely up to you.

I was very tempted to take last years iPad, because of its current dip in price. I eventually chose the most recent 6th gen model because of two small reasons. 1. It has a Quad Core A10 chip vs the 2017 iPad’s Dual Core A9 chip. 2. I want to rather spend a little bit extra now in order to future proof myself. In order words, I don’t want to go back to Apple in a years time and get a new iPad because I chose the 2017 iPad. This is what happened with the Mini 2. I bought it late for what I taught was a bargain only to realize that it wasn’t that cheap after all.

Well, having a large tablet is dope compared to my small mini iPad. The iPad mini was cute and portable. I used it to play Pokémon Go like a boss. But I must admit that I am totally stoked at having this new iPad. From a productivity standpoint, the extra power and real estate make a huge difference. I won’t be carrying this iPad around anytime soon. But I will be enjoying it very much well in the office.

2018 iPad

No Cover, No Pencil

I don’t even plan on getting a cover for it. Its such a sexy sleek design and it looks great perched on my Microsoft Keyboard. I just keep the iPad tucked away in a tablet bag when I’m not using it.

One big upgrade to this entry level iPad is the Apple Pencil support. I personally do use a stylus and I totally appreciate the Apple Pencil. But that price is beyond jaw-dropping. Even at half price, it did not feel enticing at all. Because when I went in to buy this iPad, they offered me a promotional Apple Pencil at half price. I would have loved one, but I want willing to pay even half price.

Should You Get a 2018 iPad?

Of course, you should. Its aggressively priced and is currently the best in its class. There are no viable competitors in the tablet game at the moment. Microsoft and Android tablets cannot compete with the infrastructure of apps and the functionality of the iPad.

I’m so fascinated by my iPad right now. I am really loving it!

I plan to drop a few more articles that are related to the new iPad. One will be a comparison between last years and this year’s model. The other article will be a look at the future of computing. Basically the state of our current computers such as laptops and tablets.


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