I Just Watched the Justice League Movie and I Loved It!

Yes, I only watched the Justice League Movie now. But amidst all the controversies and complaints, I still found myself absolutely in love with this movie. The movie feels like an epic Joss Whedon action movie and is fun and exciting. Yes, it is not perfect and it has plenty of issues. But the Justice League Movie did leave me feeling very happy at the end because when the movie did get things right, it was magnificent. The Justice League is part of the list of latest movies to be released this year on Blu Ray and DVD.

The Justice League Movie

Director Zack Snyder announced that he will be working on a Justice League Movie soon after the release of his Batman V Superman Movie. This would be the 3rd Zack Snyder movie in the DC Universe. Justice League is a direct sequel to Batman V Superman which was the sequel to Man of Steel.

After filming took place in 2016, Zack Snyder hired Joss Whedon to take over the project. This was due to Snyder leaving because of a personal family tragedy. Snyder is still credited as the director of Justice League, with Joss Whedon taking screenwriting credit. As we all know, Joss Whedon is most famous for his work as the director for the first 2 Marvel Avenger movies.

Whedon had to seriously re-write and re-shoot the Justice League movie in order to receive credit for his work. The result is a movie with mixed tones in style, pace, and mood. Most of the movie feels very much like a Joss Whedon movie. It isn’t fully made up of the usual spectacular slo-mo visuals that we are so accustomed to seeing in a Snyder movie. Instead, it feels like a serious yet fun Superhero movie.

Tone and Style

At times the tone of the movie felt very similar to the New 52 Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Justice League Comic Books. These are the moments that left me feeling very excited and happy in my seat. But the in-between dialogue scenes were very slow paced and not interesting. These slow moments are what was killing the movie.

Each scene is a visual delight which kept me glued to the screen

The Light Hearted moments with Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, and even Ben Affleck’s Batman were a welcome addition to this serious franchise. But as mentioned earlier, the tone of this movie is inconsistent. This is in part due to the Justice League having 2 directors.

The Justice League Movie is visually spectacular. I really feel that this movie doesn’t even share many similarities with the first 2 movies in terms of visual style. This movie is much more elegant and real. Each scene is a visual delight which kept me glued to the screen. The action sequences were breathtaking. Especially the ones with Wonder Woman, who stole the show yet again.

The visual effects, however, is a mixed bag for me. Some parts of the movie have stunned effects and sequences while other parts seem cheap and rushed. There are plenty of realistic scenes and action sequences mixed with heavy amounts of CGI. Once again confusing the tone of the movie


Everyone in this movie did a great job. I cant seriously criticise anyone, even the bad guy, Steppenwolf. One of the biggest downfalls of this movie is Steppenwolf, but I found him to be awesome. He is bad ass and deadly. His introductory sequence fighting the Amazonians is absolutely insane. But unfortunately, that was his highlight as his role did go downhill. There wasn’t any backstory or premise to his character which was very weird.

Speaking about weird, how weird is Superman in this movie? Yes, he is a zombie, but he has only a few parts in this film, which weren’t that interesting. I don’t want to drop any spoilers but I did expect a whole lot from the Man of Steel and he didn’t deliver.

Should You Watch the Justice League?

The Justice League Movie differs drastically from the previous 2 Snyder movies (Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman). If you are a hardcore Zack Snyder fan then you may be disappointed. If you love the previous generation of Marvel Avenger movies, then you will be very pleased with this movie.

DC has progressed heavily in making their superhero movies with the Justice League. But they still haven’t caught up with Marvel. Justice League feels like a Marvel movie from 2 years ago with updated CGI and effects. It still can’t compare to current movies like Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther.

If you are an uber Superman and Batman fan like I am, then you will love Justice League.

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