The I Kill Giants Movie is Weird

I Kill Giants is a Sci-Fi Fantasy drama about the life of a girl who is on a mission to take on a world of giants. The I Kill Giants movie is based on a 2009 graphic novel of the same name. There’s a sense of originality in the story and characters of the movie. But the premise is a bit obscure, just like its characters.

I went into this movie expecting a whole lot of action and adventure. But it turns out that it is not that type of movie. So please skip this movie if you plan to get some sort of Giant action sequences before the next Pacific Rim movie comes out. Because this movie does not have much of that.

The I Kill Giants movie was a part of my list of the Latest Movies for April 2018

I Kill Giants Movie (Mild Spoilers)

To my dismay (and to the movies), I Kill Giants is not an epic adventure action movie. It is a social, teenage, coming of age Drama with hints of Sci-Fi Fantasy elements. We follow the life of an overimaginative teenage girl named Barbara. Barbara is faced with many harsh realities in her life. Both at home and school. She retreats to a safe place within her imagination. A place where she serves a purpose and isn’t as lost as she is in reality.

The story is well suited for the comic book realm. But with many comic book stories, it is sometimes best kept there. This is simply because it would be extremely difficult to transfer the overall message of the story across to the live action big screen. It is actually easier to produce an animation based on a comic book because you are not that limited in the world of animation.

The producers of this movie actually considered an animated version before going for the live action version. All things said, the director, Anders Walter, has still managed to produce a good-looking movie. He also somehow managed to make the lead character likeable.

Does ‘I Kill Giants’ Suck?

The lead character is a little bratty ungrateful girl whos stuck in her own world that is filled with Dungeons and Dragons and Giant lore. I find it very hard to sympathise with this character who instead of dealing with her real-life issues, chooses to avoid them by hiding in her fantasy world. What makes it worse is that my nephew is exactly the same. And the sad part about this is that they are absolutely unapproachable because of the fact that they refuse to engage with you.

They would rather live in La-La Land than spending time with you or at least have a simple conversation. Things like this happen to many people who choose to escape the harshness of everyday living. I too am guilty of this. But an over the release from your responsibilities is a recipe for disaster. I feel that this movie somewhat glamorises this by forcing us to sympathise with this recluse teenager. Barbara even pushes away her school counsellor who tries to help her.

On the Bright Side…

The overall story behind this movie may be a little misleading, but it is original. You best do some research before watching this movie before getting into it. But as a teen drama, it does hold up. The issues that Barbara experiences at home with her siblings and at school with the bullies are legit. The script and performances are good. But the movie does at time just shift from one scene to the next. It doesn’t transition smoothly between scenes.

I like how the I Kill Giants movie raises an awareness of how our children feel during traumatic times and experiences. And when they are in such a difficult time and place, it is extremely hard to offer them help.


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