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I recently came across the Hyper App while messing around in Apple’s App Store. The Hyper App is an app that curates videos from around the web. These hand-picked videos are delivered to you in the form of Hyper’s beautiful iOS app. The App also gives you some control over the videos by using gestures. It is really amazing how simple and intuitive the app is. I really feel like I have found a great video service that I can truly enjoy.

Hyper App

What is the Hyper App all About?

Hyper is an iOS app that promises to deliver a hand-picked video to your iPad every hour. These videos (pulled from Youtube, Vimeo, etc) are apparently curated by filmmakers.  They promise to deliver only the latest informative and fun videos to the app. It seems like a very simple concept, but in the world where content is king, this turns out to be a very powerful concept. The videos are arranged by days (Monday, Tuesday, etc). Each day means a new edition. We are currently on edition 477! So it means that this app has been going on for more than a year now.

If you swipe from the left, you will open up a list of all the previous editions. So it is possible to go through previous editions to view videos that you may have missed. This is cool because each edition usually comprises of 9 videos. So if you plan on bingeing away, you can go right ahead. The only problem with this is that it only goes back for about a month. Another cool feature is being able to add videos to the “watch later” tab. You simply press down on a preview of a video and then tap it again to add it. I do this a lot when I don’t have time. And when I do have time I simply go to the watch later tab and catch up on the vids that I personally selected.

The Hyper App Looks Amazing!

Yes, the Hyper app is beautiful! Watching videos is the main purpose of this app which means that the user is seeking a visual experience to satisfy themselves with. Great quality video previews laid out in a neat collage with a chunky white font. This makes for a great look which continues even when you tap on a video to start playback. While a video is playing, you simply tap on it to pause. Doing this will bring up some sharing options and the option to swipe down to close. Moving your finger from left to right anywhere on the screen while watching a video enables high-speed scrubbing.

Is the App Worth Installing?

The quality of the content is very high. The videos are insightful, amusing, and artistic. I haven’t come across a bad video as yet. Yes, there are a lot of videos that are not to my liking, but even those ones are of high production value. Hyper is a great discovery tool. I came across an awesome BMW short film which starred Clive Owen and Jon Bernthal. I would have never seen this elsewhere. The amount of content is however much smaller than other video services. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it doesn’t make you feel over invested like other apps such as Youtube.

Hyper is a sweet variation from Youtube because it gives you selected good quality videos in small doses. There are so many of us out there that spend way too much time on youtube. This deprives us of too much of our time and renders us almost totally unproductive. With Hyper you will certainly have fun with the app and its videos. It is a must if you have an iPad. Go Ahead and give it a try, its free!

Hi. I’m Jameel. I’m a Technology Blogger who loves reviewing stuff and voicing my opinions on anything. I hope you find my reviews helpful while having fun on my website.


Hi. I'm Jameel. I'm a Technology Blogger who loves reviewing stuff and voicing my opinions on anything. I hope you find my reviews helpful while having fun on my website.

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