The Insane Blackphone 2

The Blackphone 2 is an android smartphone that is developed by secure communications firm Silent Circle. The core idea of the phone is to experience a high level of privacy and security while maintaining a great deal of usability. I came across this device while writing the previous post on the amazingly expensive Sirin Solarin Andriod smartphone. The Solarin is among the most expensive smartphones on the planet at $20000.00. And one of its main marketing ploys is its high attention to privacy. Well if privacy is your issue, then you don’t have to spend 20 grand just yet.

What Is the Blackphone 2?

The Blackphone 2 is an Android smartphone built by Silent Circle, a company that also offers software and enterprise services. Silent Circle is known for developing the Silent Phone App for Android and iOS. The App provides encrypted communication like phone calls and messaging from your smartphone. The Blackphone 2 is Silent Circle’s latest product offer which takes their app to the next level. The Blackphone 2 comes pre-installed with Silent OS, a modified Android 5.1 OS that is tweaked to address privacy and security issues. According to the company, Silent OS is free from bloatware and leaky data.

Some Cool Features

We are obligated to accept those permissions set by apps like Facebook. This allows the app to access private information like photos, contacts, location history, and so the list goes on. With the Blackphone 2, you will have the ability to control permissions set by the apps you install. You can set the Blackphone to stop broadcasting sensitive information like past wifi router connections. This can be set at 30 second or even 2-minute intervals.

  • 5.5-inch full HD screen
  • 13 MP Camera (5 MP front)
  • 3GB RAM & 32GB internal storage
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core Processor

Silent OS

There’s this cool feature of Silent OS called “Space”. It is the ability to have up to 4 profiles on a single phone. It is basically like having 4 phones in your pocket. You can easily switch from a work profile to a personal profile. These profiles operate entirely within their own OS and don’t access other profiles data like contacts. you can also customize each profiles security settings. I can see this working very well in terms of having a very secure and stripped down work profile and a less secure app and data heavy personal profile.

Is It worth Getting?

The Blackphone 2 certainly rates higher than most of the current smartphones out at the moment in terms of software and specs. It is possible for me to install cool security apps and software on my iPhone. But I haven’t really uncovered a way to make my phone operate similarly to Silent OS with multiple profiles and higher security like restricted permissions from apps. I never really bothered too much by this whole privacy issue. But with outrageous stories about the US government having control of our Facebook and Google accounts, it does seem like a good idea to own a phone like the Blackphone 2.

The initial release price of the Blackphone 2 was $799. This was a crazy price to pay for an Android phone, even with all those capabilities and features. But today you can pick up one for $550 from Amazon which isn’t that bad at all. It’s less than what you would pay for an iPhone 7 or Samsung S7 today. You will have to put up with an older version of Android. But the Hardware and Software features are worth it!



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