Is Iron Fist any good? How does it compare to other Marvel Netflix shows?

Later this month we will witness another Superhero series in the form of Iron Fist. It will be the fifth season to be released from the brilliant Marvel and Netflix studios. But will this show retain the same level of excitement and awesomeness as the other shows? Is Danny Rand as capable as Daredevil or as intruiging as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? Top Critics have already previewed the series. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about Iron Fist season 1.

But First, Some History on the Other Shows (If You Haven’t Watched Them Already)

Iron fist comes now after four other seasons of Marvel Netflix shows. Daredevil seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. These series so far have been met with great acclaim from fans as well as critics. Each season of each show is very different from the previous season. Daredevil was amazing, but Jessica Jones, its possible that this may be better than Daredevil? Then season 2 of Daredevil dropped with The Punisher and Electra joining the cast. Surely this is the best so far?

Luke cage had his own show which was as equally captivating as the rest of the shows. Luke Cage really held its own against all odds. The show settled into a Blaxploitation kind of genre which welcomed its crazy comic book story and plot twists. Luke Cage in the end, kept us at the edge of our seats by being one of the good shows on TV.

Brief Synopsis of Marvel’s Iron Fist

Danny Rand is a martial arts superhero. He has the ability to focus his chi and call upon the power of the Iron Fist. Rand also goes by the name Iron Fist. He acquired this skill During his 15 year disappearance in the Far East. Rand now makes his way back to New York in order to continue a normal life and reclaim his family company. However, his duties as Iron Fist must still be carried out.

Iron Fist was created in the 70’s and has featured in his own comics as well as team up comic book titles such as Heros for Hire with Luke Cage. Giving Iron Fist his own show in the MCU next to Luke Cage makes total sense. Iron Fist can serve as a great build up to The Defenders, the next Marvel Netflix show that will feature all of the lead characters who will team up to fight against a single threat. But as far as reviews go, Iron Fist isn’t doing so good. Here is a summary of things critics had to say about the show.

Iron Fist

Jim Vejvoda – IGN

Original review here on IGN

Iron Fist, exec produced by Dexter’s Scott Buck, is Marvel’s most generic Netflix series yet. So much of it feels familiar from many other recent superhero tales — Batman Begins, Doctor Strange, even a bit of Iron Man and Arrow — and the story the series has thus far offered in its first six episodes does little to shake up that well-worn formula.
The Verdict: Marvel’s Iron Fist starts off sluggishly, seeming far more like a soap opera than a superhero series, complete with bland, pretty, rich people sneering and scheming over family fortunes.

Daniel Fienberg – The Hollywood Reporter

Original review here on The Hollywood Reporter

Matt Murdock is driven by his Catholic guilt, Jessica Jones by traumatic assault and consent issues, Luke Cage by America’s multi-century history of imperiled black masculinity. Iron Fist arrives in a deep hole amid concerns about its curly-haired, blonde protagonist appropriating Asian culture, but the bigger problem ends up being that he’s barely even appropriating.

There’s no specificity to Danny’s experience other than the most generic of identity crises — like the world needed another billionaire vigilante — and Jones is far too placid a leading man to give any sense of Danny’s internal torment. He’s not placid in a Zen way, just tepid like room temperature. Rather than being a man who found enlightenment through tragedy and disassociation from his upbringing. Danny comes across like a spoiled frat boy who took a Comparative Religion class and spends a few months picking up coeds by telling them he’s totally into meditation and tai chi now.

Maureen Ryan – Variety

Original review here on Variety

Why couldn’t Henwick be the star of Iron Fist? Or another actor of Asian descent? After all, part of what made Jessica Jones and Luke Cage stand out were the distinct identities and concerns their protagonists carried into battle. Imagine an “Iron Fist” in which an Asian actor with a great deal of presence and real fighting chops (which Jones lacks). Plays a man trying to reclaim his business empire from a group of white characters who don’t trust him and underestimate his skills. Those kinds of social, political, and moral clashes among specific characters and cultures could have amped up the drama — assuming the episodes didn’t take forever to establish relationships and dilemmas.

Should you still watch Iron Fist?

Marvel has taken a brave decision to go ahead and make this series. The premise is kind of Oliver Queen Arrow meets Ironman meets Dr Strange. On paper this sounds great, but making it work in a convincing way is a great challenge. A challenge that people like Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, and Luke Cage have managed to succfessfully pull off. The character dynamic of Iron Fist and Danny Rand leans more towards a man on a mental, physical, and spiritual journey. Iron Fist is continuesly searching for ways to improve these aspects in order to become the best at what he does.

Money and family company isnt really what hes into. This premise works in other stories like Arrow and Iron Man because it is central to the characters being. Which is a Billionare that uses his money to be a superhero. Iron Fist gets his abilities from his Chi, not from dollar bills! It should be the last thing that Iron Fist is interested in. The best way to probably make it work, is to do what they did in the Nolan Batman series. They just spend a few moments worrying about the family fortunes and takeovers. How can he be a “street level” hero if he spends his time in the boardroom and penthouse?

Iron Fist will be released on 17 March 2017.

NB. Most of the reviews are on the first 6 episodes of the Iron Fist series



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