Jessica Jones Season 2 is One of the Most Powerful Shows on TV

Jessica Jones Season 2 sees the return of everyone’s favourite Defenders Private Investigator. Season 2 shares many similarities with the first season with its impressive and gritty detective storytelling. But the season also shares the same downfalls of the first season. None the less, the Marvel formula has never been as perfect with the Netflix shows as it has been with the movies.

But Jessica Jones Season 2 is a great improvement when compared to previous Marvel Netflix shows. There are moments in this show that felt very real. It was the harsh and hard-hitting storytelling and acting that made me feel that this is one of the most powerful shows on TV right now.

Jessica Jones Season 2 – Mild Spoilers Ahead

Last week Thursday I wrote about a new Marvel teaser trailer for Luke Cage season 2. As I wrote that post I found out that Jessica Jones Season 2 was being released that very same day. I must admit, I loved the first season and I have been waiting for Season 2 to Air for a while now. Almost 3 years!

I loved Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones and David Tennant as Killgrave. They both brought something very unusual and extraordinary to their characters. All of the actors were great in season 1 which had an amazing story arc with awesome elements right out of the comic books. Like the Will Simpson (Nuke) character that’s right out of the Daredevil Born Again comic.

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Season 1 was right on the Money, but the main issue was the pacing. The show continued at a decent pace which may have seemed slow to many viewers. But the story and its villain were intriguing and I really didn’t mind the pace of season 1. But around episode 9 or so I noticed that this show is taken a turn for the worse in regards to pace and story. They almost ruined the whole show. They just dragged the season along to 14 episodes when 10 was just sufficient enough. There are plenty of scenes that could have been cut out.

Brilliant Story Arcs with Not So Good Pace

Unfortunately, Jessica Jones Season 2 suffers the same issue with pace as the first season. The show is gripping and has me glued to my screen for a full day. A day in which I just stopped talking to people because I had to binge this show so bad. But at around episode 8 or so, the show starts its descend into drag town. And a 10 episode season is now stretched into 14 episodes.

This is actually a common issue with Marvel Netflix shows. An issue that I spoke about in my review of The Punisher series. Luke Cage and Daredevil also suffered the same pacing fate. There are some scenes in season 2 that go on for longer than they are supposed to go. While other scenes feel over rushed.

There are a few story arcs which follow individuals characters and groups as they evolve along with the show. The Trish Walker storyline feels very real as we see Trish trying to juggle elements of addiction, her relationships with her boyfriend, family, and friends, and her career. Rachael Taylor plays the part amazingly well and impressed me with her different levels of acting. Certainly not an easy role to play but she sure nailed it.

Carrie-Ann Moss as Jeri Hogarth also impressed me this season. In her own very subtle way brought in layers and layers of emotion to her story arc which I found very interesting. I usually would have been bored at stuff like this (like how I was bored for similar scenes in Iron Fist). But the story and acting were really good that it kept me glued to my screen.


The script and overall storytelling of season 2 are majestic. These words are expertly transferred to the screen by some amazing acting. The highlight for me is the season’s villain, Alisa Jones played by Janet McTeer. I didn’t think the show could top the Purple Man in this season. But McTeer plays a role that I never knew would exist, and would also be so haunting.

She plays a woman with an incredible amount of power and speed. She prob has double the power of Jessica Jones. But what makes her so menacing is her Rage and Mood Swings. She is a ticking time bomb and can lose control at any moment and rip your head out.

There are so many creepy moments that keep you on edge because you don’t know what to expect from this woman. But the Alisa Jones character also has an extremely contrasting and lovable side to her. She is motivated by her love for her daughter, Jessica. She posses a strong sense of love and compassion for both Jessica and her Dr, Karl Malus. A very creepy and weird character that defines the whole thin line between love and hate.

The script and overall storytelling of season 2 are majestic.

Should You Watch Jessica Jones Season 2?

Oh yeah. The show had me glued to my screen just for the gripping acting and storytelling. Anyone who understands themes of addiction, family, and desperation, will like what they have done here with this show. There’s also a big Stockholm syndrome vibe that is evident here in this show as well as dysfunctional family relationships.

The downside to Season 2 is that it somewhat falls apart towards the end. Marvel and Netflix always do a great job in introducing a show and its story elements, but later on, towards the end, they always find it difficult to hold things together. One of the reasons for this is that the show’s story and elements are so real and gritty that it is hard to blend that into fantasy comic book mythos.

But the show is still great and these issues are forgivable. Please do watch and let me know what you think in the comments.

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