Jessica Jones Season 2 Review NO SPOILERS

Jessica Jones Season 2 Review comes courtesy of Emergency Awesome. The reason for posting this video is because I like the take he has on the characters of the show. He also gives us so great visual insight into some of the comparisons that the show shared with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Review NO SPOILERS

Jessica Jones is the first out of 3 Marvel/Netflix shows that will air this year. Luke Cage Season 2 and Daredevil Season 3 to follow later in the year. It is also the first show since the ensemble Defenders season event that took place last year. Every Marvel Netflix show kind of shared similarities with their companion shows. Similarities such as tone and story in order to connect the shows to each other. Jessica Jones Season 2 departs from that format which gives us an indication that the characters may not be so close by constantly sharing a universe. This also means that there might not be a new season for the Defenders.

Every character in season 2 had very strong character arcs. But I do feel that this incredible storytelling that had me captivated all season long just abruptly ended. In order words, the build-up to all of the characters arcs are so intriguing, but the final climax is so rushed. Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from Marvel. A slow paced, intense thriller that has rushed endings. Weird, I know right?

The theme of season 2 as being an anti-hero story fits well. When compared to Captain America Civil War, the teams split at the end, but members from the two sides seemed to be in contact with each other. They might have fought each other but when Infinity War is here, then they will regroup and fight together. This isn’t really the case with Jessica Jones Season 2. Almost everyone who fought on Jessica’s side is no longer with her and she has shut them out completely leaving no real chance of resolution.

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