Legion Chapter 1 Review and History

I just watched Legion Chapter 1. My mind has been blown! I am loving this show, especially the style and direction that the show’s creators have taken in making this show. It is a very fresh take on the usual superhero series that we are used to watching. Those shows are Marvel’s Netflix series of shows as well as CW’s DC shows. Legion borrows from so many genres in all the right ways. The result is an intelligent, visceral, and fun take on the Marvel X-Men mythology.

Legion is a comic book character from Marvel’s X-Men Universe. His real name is David Charles Haller, son of Gabrielle Haller and Professor Charles Xavier. He is an extremely powerful Omega level mutant. Legion possesses multiple personalities which have specific powers. He can create and kill off personalities. The possibility of him creating abilities for himself is endless. This is the comic book Legion. The one on screen is much less intense that this. Well, for now only! There is not solid link to Professor X as well in the series.

Legion Chapter 1 (Spoilers Ahead)

Legion is a new TV series based on characters from Marvel comics. Most particularly X-Men characters. The actual Legion character was created by the most legendary X-Men writer of them all, Chris Claremont (original artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz). The X-Men franchise is owned by 20th Century Fox. Which is why Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg serve as Exec Producers for the show. Other big named Marvel producers are Jeph Loeb, Joe Quesada, and Stan Lee (the usual suspects from the Netflix shows).

But all eyes are on the main man, the showrunner, Noah Hawley. Hawley is best known for adapting the brilliant award winning TV show Fargo. His latest comic book adaptation is a great new take on the genre. He has used elements from old thriller movies to give the series its periodic authenticity. And has also employed nonlinear tactics in his storytelling as well as all out weirdness and trippiness reminiscent of Mr. Robot. Hawley still manages to maintain a style offering that seems rooted to X-Men: First Class.

Legion Chapter 1

Legion May Be All on His Own

Because the X-Men property is owned by 20th Century Fox, we won’t really get to see any of Marvel’s Netflix characters make a cameo in Legion. Legion is linked to the X-Men movies. But spotting Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds won’t be on the cards as yet. It is rumored that Fox is looking to do another reboot of their X-Men franchise (Fox has actually given the go ahead for a new X-Men series with Bryan Singer directing the pilot). To be honest you won’t really miss anything because Legion does so well being just a psychological thriller. You totally forget that this is a superhero show.

How Was the First Episode?

Legion episode one is written and directed by show Runner Noah Hawley. You can clearly see that he has stuck close to his vision for the series (or in this case, visions!). Everything about this show seems strange and inconsistent. The story is nonlinear. The time period is not clear. There are people present in the same room as David who may actually not exist. The story and visuals are so strange that sometimes you get so lost and can’t figure out properly what is going on.

In the middle of the madness, we see a sweet relationship bloom between David and a girl named Syd (Rachel Keller). They agree to go to with each other during a group therapy session in the Clockwork Psychiatric Hospital (if the show wasn’t already wired enough!). They chemistry is cool and things start to seem a bit normal for a change. But the story then cuts to scenes of David being interrogated about his time at the psych hospital and this mysterious girl named Syd. Once again we are left to feel that everything or a lot of things are not real.

Legion Chapter 1

Is It Any Good?

We do get a very satisfying end to this first episode. This 90-minute episode can actually play out as a real movie. The one week wait to the next episode can be considered as a short wait to a sequel! The show right up until its climax can easily play out as a nonsuperhero psychological thriller. The only confirmation that this is an X-Men universe show is at the end when a mutant starts tossing people and large objects into the air. That mysterious and creepy guy with the yellow eyes seems to be one of the legions evil personas. He is definitely the one that took over completely to the hospital and caused all that destruction and dead.

The excellent first episode took place primarily in a mental hospital and interrogation room. I initially thought that the entire series will take place in a mental hospital. But it seems that Legion will be accompanied by some friends or teammates. The end did tease an X-Men like team similar to First Class. I am loving this really fresh take on Marvel’s usually ultra serious X-Men franchise.

Legion Chapter 1 Review
  • 9.5/10
    Legion Chapter 1 Review - 9.5/10


An Excellent take on an X-Men Character and the superhero genre as well. A good story delivered in the freshest way possible for TV. Legion will re-shape the way comic book series will be made in future. I really do hope that the series continues to stay as great as the first episode.

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