Legion Chapter 2 – Getting to Know David Haller

In a smooth opening sequence, Legion Chapter 2 picks up from that amazing climax of the brilliant first episode. David Haller is rescued by Syd and a group of mutants and is introduced to Melanie Bird upon making his escape from Division 3’s highly secure interrogation facility. David also realizes that he may have escaped a very harsh situation of near physical death in the form of electrocution in a pool, but he is still pursued mentally by that creepy man with the yellow eyes.

Legion Chapter 2 has a lot of explaining to do. But beneath some of the answers that we seek are actually more questions.

Legion Chapter 2

Legion Chapter 2 Review (Spoilers)

David is taken to Summerland, a ranch that is owned by Melanie. Melanie is the leader of the group of mutants and her objective is to try to help David realize his abilities. This scenario feels very similar to that of Professor X and his school for mutants with Melanie being similar to Xavier. Upon entry into Summerland David immediately has an episode which makes him pass out. We learn that this was him unable to control the voices in his head. Melanie bravely sits next to him and helps him visualize and focus in order to block out the voices. Melanie does, however, mention that “David is the key to winning the war” which is something that Magneto will say.

David realizes that Melanie can help him and now trusts her enough to work on realizing the full potential of his powers. They start this process by trying to learn more about David by accessing his memories. Melanie uses a mutant named Ptonomy, a memory artist, to go into Davids memories in order to find out more about him. Instead, we land up in a very strange memory which actually further mystifies David’s past. This memory is in David’s bedroom when he was just a child. A mysterious silhouetted figure who is possibly David’s father is reading a very disturbing bedtime story called The Angriest Boy in the World. Is this memory real, or this it represent something else? The scene was very creepy and seemed like a cautionary message from David’s mind to the other mutants.

Professor X?

All we know about the Father in David’s memory is that he passed away and he used to be an astronomer. Showrunner Noah Hawley did initially tease in interviews that Xavier will be an integral part of David’s life in the series. Although it was not really evident in Legion chapter 2, it is still a possibility we will get to see professor X. The story of the angriest boy in the world chopping off his mom’s head can also be symbolic of David’s past and the truth about his mom. Did David actually end up killing his mom with his telekinetic powers?

Speaking of telekinetic powers, David has another episode during and MRI scan. The entire scanner just vanishes from the room leaving him on the floor. David actually manages to teleport the machine outside of the building which means that he possess teleportation abilities. Melanie sees this and instead of freaking out she just smiles. This gives us an impression that David should actually proceed with caution in regards to Melanie.

Legion Chapter 2

Is It Good?

Legion Chapter 2 feels more than just a filler episode. It can be seen as a great follow-up to the exciting first episode. A lot of the mystery and excitement behind new characters in new shows are usually blown away by the second episode. Some shows try to fix this by dragging the intros which actually makes things worse. Legion does so well in giving us a small bit of insight into the lead character and then adds more strange variables to the equation that raises more questions than answers. A great way to maintain the mystery and interest of a character.

The same also goes for the rest of the characters. They do come off as being friendly but are at times very weird. Is it all an act for David because they need him? There are a lot of weird happenings during the show that just doesn’t make sense. This does give an impression that all of this may just be happening in Davids’ head. Well, maybe most of it (a similar plot twist did occur in Mr. Robot season 2). Whatever the case may be, David does need his new found friends as much as they need him. Great show so far and I hope it gets creepier and stranger than it already is!

Legion Chapter 2
  • 8/10
    Legion Chapter 2 - 8/10


Legion is shaping up to be a great show. We dive deeper into the unsettling mind of David Haller and realize that there’s so much more to explore. A lovely psychological thriller that keeps the viewer guessing constantly. You will have to work hard to figure out this series. And I’m saying that in a good way. Legion is also a huge step in a different direction in terms of a comic book series. Fans of the CW DC shows might disapprove. Whatever the case may be, this is still great TV.

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