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Legion Chapter 3 is a return to the trippy world of David Haller. In this world, we again continue to proceed with more memory work. But this time Syd, Davids love interest also bravely joins Melanie and Ptonomy in trying to help David figure out his past. And yes Legion Chapter 3 does get creepier and scarier!

Legion Chapter 3 Review (Spoilers Ahead)

It seemed at first that this whole memory work exercise is going to be an ongoing thing. But things do change later on in the episode when we start exploring scarier aspects of Davids mind. The real life Angriest Boy in the World looks, creepy as hell. Is this really parts of Davids memory? or is this the work of that creepy guy with the yellow eyes.

Speaking of the “Devil with yellow Eyes”, he shows up once again in one of David’s memory. It’s the time during that outburst in the kitchen. He pops out of the corner to haunt and trouble David. The scary part is that only David can see him and not Melanie or Ptonomy. David does not further elaborate on the strange Yellow Eyed man any further because he doesn’t seem to remember seeing him.

Legion Chapter 3

The Angriest Boy in the World is Real?

David undergoes further brain scans in Cary’s lab and while he’s put out he dreams of being a kid again during Halloween. It’s more of a freaky nightmare because he encounters a real life version of the Angriest Boy in the World! This freaky as monster rushes towards kid David and apron reaching him, David just snaps out if it and wakes up. Well, he thinks he’s awake but he’s actually still asleep. David begins to interact with Lenny during this phase who convinces him to leave Summerland and go to his sister in order to rescue her from Division 3. Syd manages to get in the middle of this and transported along with David into the same interrogation room as where his sister is being held.

After all that has happened, the team still proceed further with deeper memory work by sedating David. Syd goes along after being warned by David of his hectic past. Syd ignores his warnings and proceeds and eventually ends up seeing a lot of nasty stuff. BTW, out of all they craziness, Syd seemed most phased out by seeing David humping his previous girlfriend. Melanie is the last out of the group to wake up. She gets up in the strangest of moments during an indirect encounter with the man with the Yellow Eyes. Everyone is safely out of David’s head except for David himself. The episode ends with David stuck in his own conciseness.

Legion Chapter 3

Is It Good?

Well, I did say I hope that the series gets trippier and creepier. Legion chapter 3 certainly goes off in that direction. And rightfully so. Instead of being another failed attempt at memory work like chapter 2, this episode did take us into a much darker direction. This is due to the fact that the group managed to dive deeper into David’s mind which seems like a very dark and intense place to be.

The main objective here is to clear up the darkness by somehow resolving whatever issues David seems to have. Melanie and Ptonomy can’t seem to get to the bottom of these issues because David keeps blocking them out. David does mention that it is not him that’s doing this, which means it’s probably the man with the Yellow Eyes. With David still being sedated and the rest of the team out of his head, it is up to him to try and figure out what to do next.

Legion Chapter 3 Review
  • 8.5/10
    Legion Chapter 3 Review - 8.5/10


Chapter 3 continued to delight me without continuing to be monotonous. Legion refuses to settle into a regular routine. Instead, it prefers to be in a totally unsettled state. There’s so much of subtle confusion out there. David’s always dressed inappropriately in regards to the timeline. His t-shirt with a striking orange symbol is more akin to the 90’s or even present time. I did also notice a younger David in 90’s style clothes during his therapy sessions. The lifts have voice recognition software and Melanie has a talking coffee machine! This is supposed to be late 60’s early 70’s! It’s these little things that are strange yet fun to try and decipher. This is what make4s Legion a great show.

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