Legion Chapter 4 Review – Into the Astral-Plane

Legion continues to amaze, scare, and creep out its audiences. All this while still maintaining its mystery. The mystery behind its lead character David Haller. One of the shows greatest tricks, or in this case “card trick” is to actually add more mystery while answering another mystery. Chapter 3 ends with David being unintentionally trapped within his own mind. So where exactly is David now? Let’s find out in my Legion Chapter 4 review.

Legion Chapter 4 Review (Spoilers Ahead)

The show starts off in a most befittingly weird introduction by an odd man in a yellow 70’s pantsuit. The man is later revealed as Oliver Bird, Husband of Melanie Bird. Oliver is currently in a deep sleep in the real world with his mind residing within this astral plane. His surroundings don’t really make sense at the time, but it is later on revealed to be a secure room within an astral plane. Oliver mentions a few things like “figure your shit out!”. The most notable being “and so I bring you to tonight’s play. A work in 5 acts about a fuzzy little bunny who got too close to the ocean and what happened next… let us begin”.

Figure your shit out!

David seems to be physically unconscious, but his neurological patterns show that he is actually awake and active. He is neither awake nor asleep. Melanie understands this because her husband Oliver is currently n a similar state. David is in actual fact on an astral plane. Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry go out to Davids previous psychiatrist’s practice in order to find more answers. A lot of strange memories did take place within those walls.

We get to understand the Kerry character for the first time. All this while she was just mysteriously in the background while Cary worked with David. The story of Kerry and Cary inhabiting the same body is a cool one. He does all the “boring stuff” and she gets all the action. The fact that she is much younger than him because she ages only when she is out of his body is a nice idea. I like the fact that she has some very hardcore fighting skills. We actually did get to see some of those skills.

Bras are Back!

About half way through the show we get a better look at this strange astral plane that David is in. Oliver initially guides David towards his room or safe house if you may within the astral plane. Coolest bit is that Oliver is dressed in old-timey sea diving gear. Oliver, being locked away for so long, comes off as being very weird and inappropriate. It is probably the first time in years that he has interacted with someone. He tries to offer some words of advice and wisdom to David who remains spooked at Oliver’s initial behavior.

Syd is still traumatized by the things she has seen in Davids mind (he did warn her BTW). The two most notable things being the Angriest Boy in the World and David making out with his ex-girlfriend. Syd keeps seeing The Angry Boy peeping out of tree corners. She also has flashbacks of David with another woman and feels terrible because she is a woman who can’t be touched. What’s even more painful is that Syd and Ptonomy actually confront Davids Ex, who warns them that they are being watched. She also makes a huge reveal that the woman in Davids memories is actually a man named Benny! Not Lenny! Is David tricking his friends? Or is there something else taking over David’s memories?

It’s a Trap!

The group finally track Davids old Psychologist to a lighthouse. After conversing with the Doctor for a while, they realize that it’s all a trap and the Doc is actually the guy called The Eye! The guy from Division 3 who’s trying to capture David again. He’s also apparently bulletproof! That’s not his only power too! He puts Economy to sleep and just when he engages Syd, she swaps bodies with him!

In the very last act of the episode, Lenny manages to convince David to exit the astral plane and jump into the real world and rescue Syd. David does so but things don’t end well because of the confusion set by the body swapping. Kerry gets shot at the end by The Eye and this effects Cary as well who also falls to the ground. The Eye gets away and David and his friends are left to deal with the badly injured Kerry while Lenny (or the Yellow Eyed Devil) peeps over Davids shoulder and laughs.

Legion Chapter 4

Is it Good?

A great episode that takes us deeper into weirdness with the introduction of the ultra weird Oliver Bird. Oliver did, however, offer some great insight into the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. He mentioned a very powerful word, Parasite. Is the Yellow Eyed Devil, in fact, a parasite that influences David for personal gain only? Is this Parasite Lenny? It seems that it may be so, but what is the overall objective of Lenny? Or the Devil with the Yellow eyes?

A lot of questions once again. But the show is really moving along well and it still manages to keep me heavily invested. I can’t wait for next week. I hope you are enjoying the show as much as I am.

Legion Chapter 4 Review
  • 9/10
    Legion Chapter 4 Review - 9/10


I love how this show keeps me entertained and leaves me wanting more at the end of the episode. I also love the fact that Legion does all of this in the most weirdest and craziest ways possible. Yet still maintaining a great amount of seriousness. Legion is shaping up to be on of the best Marvel TV shows out there.


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