Legion Chapter 5 Review – The Shows Darkest and Best Moments

I just witnessed probably one of the best episodes of a TV series in recent times. I say one of the best because there are so many good moments on TV at the Moment from the likes of Westworld and Mr. Robot. But Legion Chapter 5 delivers the goods in a yet again totally unpredictable way. Legion Chapter 5 felt like some sort of a season finale because it tied up so many of its strange stories and there were so many plot twists in it as well. Let’s talk more about this crazy episode…

Legion Chapter 5 Review

At the beginning of Legion Chapter 5, Cary is busy patching up Kerry who was badly wounded from the previous episode. David successfully escaped the astral plane with the help of his buddy Lenny and err that creepy yellow-eyed guy. David certainly isn’t himself and seems to have a major personality shift obviously influence by Lenny.

David’s new found skill of traveling in and out of the astral plane is proving to be very useful to both Melanie and Syd. David can possibly bring back Melanie’s husband Oliver from the astral plane. He can also transport Syd there into a room that he has created and touch her without swapping bodies. Davids new persona kind of uses this as leverage against his friends. With Syd, it seems that Lenny is allowing David to have fun with her. Lenny is manipulating David in so many ways, but for what reason. All we know so far now is that Lenny and David are very focused on rescuing David’s sister Amy from Division 3.

Legion Chapter 5

Who’s in Control?

David unexpectedly carries out his rescue mission while the rest of his friends follow. The group reaches D3 and the damage has already been done. David is gone with his sister after managing to kill everyone on the premises. The lead interrogator of D3, in his last dying words, confesses that they were indeed more than ready for David. But he is just too powerful. The security footage shows David in action for the first time and gives us a taste of his immense power. We also get a good look at the yellow-eyed devil which confirms that it was all him. Another revelation and confirmation were Cary who realizes that the devil with the yellow eyes is a parasite that has been feeding of David all his life.

The group figures out that David is with his sister back at his old house. They go there hoping to rescue her and confront David while being unknowingly followed by The Eye. In a brilliantly executed final act, in an act of desperation, David transports Syd to the astral plane. It isn’t safe here anymore. Syd has a full confrontation with the yellow-eyed demon who looks absolutely terrible. Just before that freak can touch her, we mysteriously appear back into a therapy session at the Clockwork Hospital. All the characters from the house are sitting around each other listening to Syd tell her story.

Legion Chapter 5

One of the Best?

This show has definitely exceeded not just my expectations, but many other critics and fans alike. This episode was highly entertaining and visually stunning. The scene at the end which is almost in full silence was very cool. I had myself checking the volume and mutes buttons a bit there! I loved the effects of the dead soldiers at Division 3.

Legion Chapter 5 also gave us a clue of who the Devil with the yellow eyes is. There is speculation that he may be The Shadow King. A major villain from the X-Men universe. The Shadow King is a being of pure psychic energy that feeds off other powerful mutant psychics like professor X. A grand theory that I have is that The Shadow King is, in fact, using David to get to Xavier. If this is true, I do hope we get to see Prof X. Then Legion will surely cement itself as the TV show of the year!

Legion Chapter 5 Review
  • 9.5/10
    Legion Chapter 5 Review - 9.5/10


Legion Chapter 5 delivers an array of plot twists that are as delightful and as confusing as the first episode. One of the highlights of the show is its purposely inconsistent content, like the way the characters dress and the things they say. At times things make so much sense and also no sense. The viewer is left to speculate and debate further. This is screenwriting at tits best and one of the reasons that this can go one to be one of the best shows of the year.

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