Lego Superman Alarm Clock

I was recently asked who my favorite Superhero is. I said Superman (without hesitating). And this is coming from a guy who is a webmaster for but ironically wakes up to the sound from his awesome Lego Superman Alarm Clock! Yes, it is best suited for ages 6+, but this clock is really good and serves the purpose of an alarm clock very well while being a cool decorative action figure in your bedroom.

Man of Steel

Lego Superman is a Lego character based on DC comics Superman. He first appeared in the game Batman 2: DC Super Heros. Ever since then he has been released in various Lego toy lines and ranges. He had his own toy release before the Man of Steel movie in order to promote the movie.

Save the world with this new iconic LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Superman Clock!” I love this tagline. This alarm clock stands at 9.5 inches tall. There is a digital clock located in the stomach area of the figurine. Pressing the head down activates a glowing blue light which is pleasant enough and won’t cause too much irritation when trying to view the time in the dark. There is no need to hold down the head, pressing it once will leave the light on for a few seconds.

Lego Superman Clock

The Sound of the Alarm is very annoying and loud enough. I prefer this, but I know some people who don’t. Most people these days like the slow gradual build up of the alarms that are on offer on their mobile phones.  Whatever the preference it is more than capable. Setting the time is as painstakingly annoying as it would usually be on a digital watch. I know I have a few digital watches.

Save the world with this new iconic LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Superman Clock!


A great clock for your kid. He will love the design and will be perfect for when he starts going to school. The asking price is high for a device like this. But you can expect this when buying a Lego product. That being said, this cool Superman Alarm Clock will also make an awesome gift for someone who is a big superhero fan.

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A good quality and a durable alarm clock that is perfect for kids. It can be given as a gift to adults as well.

Great Design



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