LG G6 Camera in 2018

I recently reviewed the LG G6 and also spoke about it buying the LG G6 in 2018. On paper, the G6 seems like an underwhelming smartphone, with its Snapdragon 821 chip. But the G6 does have a great design with its FullVision display and an amazing set of dual cameras. I want to revisit the LG G6 Camera now in this post and determine their validity and effectiveness now in 2018.

Dual 13MP Cameras with Wide Angle

One of the most outstanding features of the LG G6 was its camera setup. The G6 quickly became one of the best smartphone camera choices on the market. Some have even placed the G6’s outstanding camera even higher than the original Google Pixel’s camera (and critically better than the Samsung S8). This is quite an achievement if you consider how great the G6’s camera really is.

Apart from taking breathtaking high-quality images on its Sony IMX258 sensor, there is also a second wide angle lens. This lens will allow you to take wide angle shots. You will now be able to add so much more to the frame of the picture.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wide angle photography and filming. Just imagine being able to capture around 50% more landscape during a visit to your favourite beach spot. You will be able to squeeze more people into a picture without having to move back too much.

Jamz in da House 17

The wide angle also adds some serious dramatic effect to most pictures that are taken in areas that have a lot of detail going on. An example would be a group of friends posing in front of a botanical gardens setting that has plenty of trees and flowers.

The only main downside to this lens is that some shots, depending on the angle or setting, turn out warped. The person in the centre will be normal size and the objects towards the sides will be smaller in size. This makes it look like the person you are snapping has a large head. Also, straight items along the top and bottom of the frame will appear to be warped towards the edges.

LG G6 pic of Ballito Beach

Minitown Durban

LG G6 Camera in 2018

The LG G6 camera did fair well in 2017 as it was considered better than a lot of cameras from the previous year. It is ok to compare the G6 with 2016 smartphone cameras, as it is an early 2017 smartphone with a 2016 Snapdragon 821 chip.

The improved camera on the G6, along with the novelty of the wide-angle camera make the G6 a stronger choice when compared to its rival Samsung S8. The G6 seems to take much more neutral images than the S8. The S8 has a great camera, but this camera comes directly from the previous years S7 which makes the S8 seem a bit outdated.

The current winners of the Smartphone camera contest are the Google Pixel 2 and the iPhone X. These cameras have proven their worth since being released in 2017. The pixel takes some outstanding shots that seem to be almost on par with modern handheld cameras. Even night and low settings are great with the pixel.

Should you get the LG G6 for its camera in 2018?

The G6 Will not get as good as the latest Pixel or iPhone now in 2018. Even with incremental updates that help the G6 to take better shots. But it will fair well in dark conditions and take stunning wide angle shots.

Grabbing an LG G6 now in 2018 and using it to take great pics for your Instagram profile will be perfect. The G6 is still better than plenty of 2017 smartphones such as the Razor Phone and Essential Phone.

If you are someone who likes Vlogging and capturing pictures for social media, then the G6 is still pretty relevant.

Update: LG has recently Revealed their latest LG G7 ThinQ which has an improved 16MP wide camera which is slightly less wide than the G6 camera.


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