LG G7 Neo Borrows iPhone X Design

Some crazy concept photos have surfaced over at Techno Buffalo’s website. They worked alongside Ben Geskin to come up with some seriously legit looking concept photos of the next LG G7 Neo smartphone. All the rendering that takes place in the photos is inspired by all of the rumours that Tech Buffalo has uncovered in recent months.

LG G7 Neo

The LG G6 was one of my most favourite smartphones of 2017. It was a superb device with a dual set of cameras that had an exciting twist. One shooter has a normal smartphone camera lens, while the other one had a wide angle lens. This gave you the advantage of taking super dramatic wide angle shots. The G6 also had a lovely bezel-less glass design, one of the first smartphones to have such a design.

But, a few things did let down the LG G6. it continued branding this totally new smartphone under the G series brand. This is a brand that has taken serious flak in the past. Also, the LG G6 had an older generation Snapdragon chip. This truly isn’t such a bad deal but when compared to newer smartphones it did look bad on paper.

So enter the follow up to the G6, the LG G7 Neo. Well, that’s just what people are calling it. LG does plan to totally rebrand their next device. LG has seen consistent losses in recent years. Even with the company producing quality products. Hopefully, a rebranding will encourage consumers to move towards their next smartphone.

That Notch!

The front will have a nearly bezel-less design courtesy of a notch at the top. The Notch will house all of the smartphone’s front facing cameras and sensors. There is still a bit of a chin at the bottom of the smartphone. The left and right side of the notch will be used as a notification and clock area. The rear has a set of dual cameras with laser autofocus. Below that is a power button that doubles up as a fingerprint scanner.

Some confirmed and unconfirmed specs:-

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
  • 6GB RAM
  • Up to 128GB storage
  • 6 inch OLED display

I haven’t seen much mention of a wide angle lens. I hope LG continues in this tradition by featuring on their next smartphone.

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Image Credit – Google


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