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LG stole the show at last years Mobile World Congress (MWC) show with its LG G6 smartphone. It was the First smartphone in 2017 to have that slim bezel design that most new smartphones have adopted. This year, LG’s big show stopper was the LG V30S ThinQ. While the design and hardware are not groundbreaking, the name is actually rather weird.

LG V30S ThinQ

Even typing out LG V30S ThinQ feels too weird, so I will just refer to this smartphone as V30S. The V30s retains very much the same design, hardware, and internals as last years V30. The main difference is that the V30s comes with 6GB of RAM and a choice of either 128 to 25GB of storage.

Last years Snapdragon 835 processor still exists on this smartphone. LG could have jumped to the chance of launching this phone with the latest Snapdragon 845. But LG is known for sticking to tried and tested hardware. Another physical change to the V30s is the available colour options. The V30s is available in Platinum Grey and Moroccan Blue.

So what is the main purpose of the existence of the V30s? Especially seeing that LG will be rolling out similar software updates to the original V30? Well, as the ThinQ name supposed to suggest, its the AI capabilities of the phone.

You can see this AI wizardry at work when in camera mode on the V30s. The camera is trained to recognise over a 100 million different images. It will pick up keywords of the items it detects. This enables the camera to configure itself to take the best picture in the desired setting.

The QLens image detection tool will give you the option to look up items on Amazon just by pointing the camera at them. If you point the camera at an LG G6, it will detect the device and will open up available options to purchase on Amazon. The software and AI are still new and buggy, but I can certainly see this as a cool shopping companion.

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