Logan Review – Never Has There Been a Superhero Sendoff This Good!

Logan was released recently to major critical acclaim. This movie is so good that it may even break a few box office records for an R-Rated movie, the same way Deadpool did last year. I just watched Logan and my hopes have been seriously surpassed. I can go as far as saying that it is better than Deadpool is so many ways and it is the future of Superhero movies. A great way to bow out for Hugh Jackman and a great way to end a franchise. Fox is starting to do everything right nowadays. Let me tell you why in my Logan Review.

Logan Review (Spoilers Ahead)

We in the year 2029, 6 years after the events of X-Men Days of Future Past. Logan, The Wolverine is currently working as a limo driver. He’s busy earning money so that he can buy medication for Charles Xavier (Professor X). The meds keep Charles’ from experiencing convulsions due to his neurodegenerative disease. Prof X has the ability to stop time and control minds and during this convulsive state, he actually causes havoc to the people around him due to his telepathic abilities. We would learn later on that when Charles first had one of these episodes, he actually ended up killing a whole lot of his students and X-Men.

Logan draws inspiration from the Old Man Logan storyline written by Mark Millar. In that book, it was Logan who had killed all of the X-Men because he was tricked by Mysterio. It was a good choice to change this to Charles because we got to see and understand the guilt he was suffering because of that ill-fated act. I also like how Logan after everything never gave up on him and still cared for him and helped him through his time of need. Just like how Charles once helped him.

Logan Review
Logan – Marvel/Fox

Road Trip!

Logan is Assisted by the Mutant Caliban who is brilliantly portrayed by Stephen Merchant. Zander Rice, the head of project Transgenic, was carrying out experiments with young children in the hopes of creating super mutant soldiers. He did succeed, however, the mutants eventually rebelled and escaped. The most notable being Laura, X-23, a mutant that successfully synthesized with Logans mutant DNA. She has many qualities similar to Logan, like his abilities, temperament and healing factor. She was even given adamantium claws.

Zander Rice orders Donald Pierce and his group of Reavers to track and locate all of the kids who escaped Transigen. Pierce confronts Logan, Charles, and Laura who eventually escapes and heads towards North Dakota to a mysterious sanctuary called Eden. The group experiences endless peril in the hands of Pierce and his Reavers. One of the Biggest reveals was Rice’s “X-24” experiment that was put to test in the field to great effect. X-24 is an identical younger version of The Wolverine who eventually becomes the cause of Logan’s ultimate demise.

What I Liked about Logan

In the world of superhero movies, I still hold Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight in very high regard. It is still my favorite superhero movie. This is because the movie was so “real” and well grounded. It will still work well as a movie if you took away the heroes cowl and the villains makeup. There also isn’t an array of CGI and crazy effects. Very practical. The exact same can be said for Logan.

Logan is what cinema should be. Just actors and cameras! Not heavy on special effects and CGI. The biggest effect of the movie was the acting performances and the script. Seeing how our favorite, larger than life heroes tackle real-life human problems was breathtaking. Charles, The most powerful mind in the world is suffering from some form of brain disease. Logan is losing his healing factor as a result of his adamantium skeleton becoming poisonous to his body. These two broken characters who have spent a lifetime experiencing the highest forms of tragedy are once again put in an impossible situation and now need to once again work as a team, a team of X-Men, in order to do what’s right.

Logan Review
Logan – Marvel/Fox

Go Watch Logan Now!

I liked how Wolverine took care of Professor X. Despite what may have happened, Logan never gave up on Charles. The same can be said for Charles who at the very end still also managed to help Logan to realize humanity once again. This sweet gesture was also directed towards Laura who served as a daughter and granddaughter to the two.

The movie is filled with great action sequences along with some cute and funny moments. The stuff I just mentioned above did it for me most. Logan may not exhibit his usual abilities, but it is ultra satisfying to see him jump back into all out Wolverine, killing machine mode from time to time. Ultimately at the end, it wasn’t his superpowers that meant the most but his humanity.

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Logan Review
  • 10/10
    Logan Review - 10/10


I don’t give a full 10 in a hurry. But in Logan, I feel that they completely nailed every aspect of the franchise in terms of handing Logan and Charles a more than fair sendoff. In actual fact, it is the perfect movie to end an era of great superhero cinema (despite some shortcomings) from the people at Fox. Logan is a reminder that a great comic book movie doesn’t necessarily mean great amounts of spandex and CGI. It needs to succeed as a being a great piece of cinema first before it can be regarded as a great comic book movie. This is exactly what Logan achieves here.

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